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Afraid Your Kanban Initiative Will Loose Momentum?

Eyes light up once leaders realise just how many benefits Kanban promises. We see this often after completing a Bootcamp, but then "nothing" happens and forward momentum grinds to a halt. Is this your situation? Find out by checking whether you are happy with your answers on the following questions:

  • Is there so much "real work" that there is little capacity left for improving?
  • Does everybody keep reminding you that things around here take their time?
  • Are your Kanban systems only visual task trackers or are they actively used to improve flow?
  • Can you convincingly explain how things have improved since Kanban? 
  • Do you struggle to keep pushing for change when everybody else seems ok with the status quo?
  • Are you concerned about not having enough leaders who get Kanban and drive change?

The True Problem: Business as Usual

To understand why many Kanban initiatives plateau so fast, we have to realise that the same individuals who were so fired up after their initial training, also have other, regular work to do.

In fact, lots of work! We refer to this work as business as usual.

Since the "show must go on", and we have existing rules for how to do this, the sad reality is that we just get on with it and never seem to have enough time for figuring out how Kanban could actually help.

Unfortunately, finding time to reflect and improve, little by little, is exactly what we need to get to grips with this new way of organising our work and, before long, everybody is just following recipes… and nothing actually changes.

Our teams are still overloaded and work takes forever to complete.

To not fall into this trap, we need a way to nurture Kanban momentum early on, which is exactly the reason why we have developed the Kanban Accelerator program.

Sustainably introducing Kanban - like any change - requires continuous dedication and dealing with all kinds of unforeseeable situations and questions. The Xuviate Accelerator reminds me to make time in an otherwise packed daily routine and at the same time gives me a channel to exchange ideas with people who are on the same journey but will naturally bring their own perspective and approaches to the table.

NILS WLOKA, Director of Engineering at Instana GmbH, Germany

Some Of Our Happy Customers

You Can Expect These Benefits

Keep Moving Forward

Leave your daily grind every 2 weeks and immerse yourself in Kanban. Use your peers to discover experiment(s) you could do next and then commit to do some.

Results That Get Noticed

Keep your eye on delivering more and more value for customers. No matter how small improvements initially are, over time they compound.

Productive Habits

Not every leader is a natural-born change agent, but every leader can acquire new, productive habits to become one.

What Makes the Kanban Accelerator so Unique?

In many Kanban trainings, group-work seems like an afterthought added to spice up what might otherwise be boring training material.

For many participants, these experiences are extremely uncomfortable and produce little value.

The Kanban Accelerator is different as it is not just a training program, but has been built, from the ground up, around the idea that forming learning groups of up to 20 like-minded people is one of the most effective ways of supporting ongoing reflection and growth.

To make this work, we have incorporated what we have learned from facilitating mastermind peer-groups and added a purpose-built accountability system where every two weeks each participant reflects on previous outcomes, updates plans and commits to new actions.

We simply know of no better way of helping change agents overcome the challenges of business as usual and improve the momentum of their Kanban implementation.

Even More Reasons - Continue Reading...

Meet Kanbanize, Our Favourite Kanban Tool

One of the most significant shortcomings of conventional Kanban trainings is that you still have to figure out how to implement what you have learned using your own Kanban software.

Even worse, not every Kanban tool is equally powerful and sometimes even standard Kanban practices can only be implemented using workarounds.

This is why we have partnered deeply with Kanbanize and standardised on their tool for all visualisations and demonstrations.  

If your organisation doesn't yet have a Kanbanize license, you can click here to associate with Xuviate as your Kanbanize partner and start a 3-month trial (instead of the usual 1-month trial).

Serious Results In Just 3 Steps

Find Out More

Every Kanban journey is unique. Which is why we encourage you to talk to us about your specific needs. Why worry alone if we can collaborate?   


Who will join the program and for how long are two important next questions. Between 3 and 6 months commitment for your most important change leaders is a good start.

Follow Through

Much depends on being present and completing the homework. Ensure you have the support from your business before embarking on this journey.

On your journey to real agility, in the sense of high focus, empowerment and trust, it is very helpful to have an open minded environment where you can have inspiring discussions, think outside the box and share insightful experiences with others. The Kanban Accelerator gives you all of this and more! 

NEVEN LANG, Head of Production Support Catalysts at BASF SE, Germany

What Happens at the Kanban Accelerator? 

The heart of the program is a 2 hour long online session which happens every two weeks.

During each session you will develop and refine your own next step(s), which you commit to do as homework in time for the next session.

The basic session agenda is fixed and includes the following three parts:

30 Minutes

Results & Feedback

We greet each other and document what happened with the experiments we committed to do. Up to 3 members are asked to share their learnings and insights. We congratulate each other on completed experiments.

80 Minutes

Deep Dives

Next all of us identify our most pressing challenge, known options and possible experiments to run. We vote and find 3 interesting challenges to discuss. Then we go deep and engage the mastermind to think outside the box.

10 Minutes


Finally each commits to complete one or more experiments in time for the next session. Emphasis will be placed on being as specific as possible and knowing what to expect from a successful experiment. 

Groups include up to 20 members from all over the world.

To ensure valuable outcomes for all, we place a big focus on getting the group composition right. 

Because of this we unfortunately cannot accommodate everyone immediately. 

Currently we can help with the following three needs:

Kanban for Teams
Getting Started Groups

A perfect fit for anyone just starting out with Kanban. There should be a clear focus on getting a team stable and comfortable with Kanban.

Kanban for Services
Intermediate Groups

For anyone who has used Kanban for a while and wants to get to the next level. Emphasis is on seeing the entire workflow and synchronising with other teams.

Kanban Portfolios
Business Agility Groups

For anyone whose big question is how to accelerate the adoption of Kanban across a number of teams and departments in their business.

Of course we are also making use of a myriad of tools (such as Zoom, Miro, PopcornFlow and Mighty Networks) to facilitate the sessions and interactions between the sessions.

Since we evolved the Accelerator program from our experience with Mastermind Groups, you might want to find out more about this powerful peer-group concept.

For this we have 3 blog articles and also an interview with Karen Greenstreet, widely regarded as the leading Mastermind authority!

Attending the Accelerator has added significant value to the way we service our business. It serves as a great change catalyst and continuously forces one to assess and improve

Norman Lawton

Business Analyst at Fruitways, South Africa

Participating in the Accelerator has boosted my confidence and inspires me to keep finding ways to add value to our business. Sharing the stage with like-minded change agents finds me wanting for more every session.

Ingo Hallbauer

IT Manager at IMQS Software, South Africa

What's My Investment?

Are you concerned that your Kanban initiative will slowly wither away under the pressure of business as usual? Are you completing work significantly faster? Is Kanban still just a task-management tool for many? Do you have enough change agents to keep the flame burning?

Failing to nurture the required behaviours and establish continuous improvement may already be costing your business a great deal of momentum.

Schedule a chat now and find out how the Kanban Accelerator can help to:

  • Keep your Kanban initiative moving forward
  • Use the group-mind to solve tricky challenges
  • Focus on the outcomes that matter
  • Remove doubts about the value of Kanban
  • Gain allies who believe in the new way of working

Our No-Nonsense Guarantee

We are so confident about the enormous value you'll get from joining a Kanban Accelerator that we offer a no-nonsense, money back guarantee within the first 30 days. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Still Have Questions?

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Can more than one person from my company join a group?

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What happens when needs change?

Can I still participate if our work is highly confidential?

Can I benefit if I don't yet know Kanban?

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