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Journey with Kanban

Bootcamps, Accelerators and Coaching Services for Leaders from Traditional Businesses

What we do

We help kick-start and accelerate Kanban journeys

We know how frustrating it can be when important business initiatives take forever to complete. At Xuviate we provide practical Kanban training and coaching solutions for leaders who want to reimagine how work gets done to become more successful.

Guidance and Support

We work with hundreds of customers and tens of Kanban thought leaders so that you don't have to.

Trusted Partner

Mathias and Mark have been building businesses together for more than 26 years. They'll be here tomorrow.

Managed Evolution

Why wait for instructions from above when you can start with what you do now and get momentum quickly?

Our Services

Whether you want to get started with Kanban, accelerate adoption in your business or work towards a bigger goal, we have you covered.

Kanban Bootcamps

Need to get started with Kanban or want to brush up on the basics?

In this online training program we help you kick-start your Kanban journey and see results in just 8 weeks.

What makes this really unique is that what provide foundational knowledge, real-life implementations, peer-learning and continuous improvement in one integrated package to leave you with a fully functioning Kanban system.

Kanban Accelerators

Afraid that you may be loosing momentum after getting your Kanban journey off to such a great start? The bi-weekly Kanban Accelerator sessions are designed to pull leaders out of their regular daily grind and focus on expanding their practical Kanban insights and get results. The peer-group environment we assemble for this serves as an important accountability tool.

Business Agility Coaching

Is your lack of knowledge and experience with leading a Kanban or Agile implementation causing you to move more slowly than you would like to? By engaging with us on a regular basis we can help you see the big picture and also serve as your sounding board. What makes these coaching sessions especially useful is that Mark and Mathias, our coaches, not only have extensive Kanban and Agility knowledge but also have first-hand experience of founding and running a mid-sized business.

What else we have

Reading and Video Resources

We like sharing what we have learned. Over the last 6 years we have produced many insightful blog posts and video interviews.  Just recently we recorded 65 5-minute episodes for a new Business Agility Daily insights series.

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Kanban for Teams and Services

Implementing a basic Kanban system provides immediate relief to overburdened teams. The real fun, however, starts when these teams realise they are just a part of a bigger, end-2-end service that delivers value to customers.

Join the Community

We have always believed that magic could happen when two or more like-minded people have a meeting of hearts and support each other.

This is why we have setup the eXuviate Community, an online, private space where any Kanban enthusiast can share stories and get support.

With now more than 300 members, no fee to join and no annoying adverts, this is a great go-to-source for you to learn from like-minded individuals.


What they say

neven lang

Head of Production Support Catalysts at BASF SE, Germany

On your journey to real agility, in the sense of high focus, empowerment and trust, it is very helpful to have an open minded environment where you can have inspiring discussions, think outside the box and share insightful experiences with others. Xuviate gives you all of this and more!

Ingo Hallbauer

IT Manager at IMQS Software,
South Africa

Participating in the Accelerator has boosted my confidence and inspires me to keep finding ways to add value to our business. Sharing the stage with like-minded change agents finds me wanting for more every session.

why we do it

We are on a mission

What truly stands out in Mathias and Mark's business partnership of 26 years is that they have always tried to make a difference.

This has been true for their first business (which later had 65 employees), and it is even more true for Xuviate, where they are aiming even higher.

To get a feeling for just how high this is, you need to know how they think and what they believe in:

  • Most traditional businesses can change fast enough to survive and thrive in our uncertain times.
  • Initially change will be driven from the bottom-up until top leaders get on board. This is a lonely time for leaders.
  • Kanban is the Swiss-Army-Knife of the modern change leader.
  • Xuviate is extremely well positioned to help change leaders all over the world kick-start and accelerate bottom-up transformations with Kanban.