Faster and More Effective Project Delivery,

Without Losing Sight of Business-as-Usual!

With Kanban. With Businessmap.

why kanban?

To Visualise Work and Improve Continuously

Doesn't matter what people tell you, there are no quick-fixes to deliver projects faster and more effectively.

When you instead use Kanban to manage projects, you will start by visualising all work and, based on this, you and your team will decide which actions you will take to improve flow. One experiment at a time. It may take a while, but it works. And it is sustainable.

Since it is hard to imagine a different, more effective way of working, we have made a demo video (with English subtitles) where we not only show you how easy it is to start, but also highlight the many benefits such a change would bring.

Start with what you do now and know

Instead of a big, expensive change initiative, you can build on what you already have. With almost no resistance to change.

See the first results after a few short weeks

It is amazing how quickly one realises where the real problems are when one can see all work. Solutions are often trivial ... 

Gain control over your project portfolio

As your teams learn more about Kanban and Kanban for Project Management, Mr. Murphy has less of a say and delivery becomes more predictable.

Could kanban work for you?

Multi-Project Simulation

Instead of endlessly theorizing, we invite you to discover for yourself why the traditional way of managing a project portfolio is so broken and how Kanban can help you fix it.

In our unique Multi-Project Kanban Simulation you will not only see how easy it is to visualise the flow of work across a project portfolio, but you will get first-hand experience of what it means to start with what you do now and improve little by little.

what we do

Kanban Bootcamps

Ready to give it a try and build your first Multi-Project Kanban system?

In this online training program we help you kick-start your Kanban journey and see results in just 8 weeks.

What makes our Bootcamps really unique, is that we provide foundational knowledge, real-life application, peer-learning and continuous improvement in one integrated package to leave you with a fully functioning Kanban system.

what else we do

Continuous Support

Once your teams have their first working Kanban system, it is up to them to regularly take a step back, reflect on what is happening and experiment with possible solutions to challenges.

Unfortunately it is all to easy to fall back into old behaviours, which is why we have many options to ensure you never loose momentum:

  • Tailored support and coaching for teams the first few months after a Bootcamp
  • Private Mastermind groups for Kanban change agents from all over the world.
  • Consulting interventions to further mature the Kanban system(s).

Our Partners

Meet Businessmap, Our Favourite Project, Program and Portfolio Management Software Vendor

One of the most significant shortcomings of conventional Kanban training and coaching offerings is that you still have to figure out how to implement what you have learned using your own software platform.

Even worse, not every Kanban tool is equally powerful and sometimes even standard Kanban practices can only be implemented using workarounds.

This is why we have partnered deeply with Businessmap (formerly Kanbanize) and standardised on their flexible software platform for outcomes-driven enterprise agility for virtually all the services we provide.  


What They Say

neven lang

Head of Production Support Catalysts at BASF SE, Germany

On your journey to real agility, in the sense of high focus, empowerment and trust, it is very helpful to have an open minded environment where you can have inspiring discussions, think outside the box and share insightful experiences with others. Xuviate gives you all of this and more!

Ingo Hallbauer

IT Manager at IMQS Software,
South Africa

Participating in the Mastermind has boosted my confidence and inspires me to keep finding ways to add value to our business. Sharing the stage with like-minded change agents finds me wanting for more every session.

If you have some time, you may also want to have a look at what Johan Pretorius from Aerosud (South Africa) and Matthias Eschle-Reinold from TDK-Lambda Germany have to say about their collaboration with us. 

Who we are

More and more for our customers

Mark Geschke and Mathias Tölken have been working in and with the management of mainly medium-sized companies for the past 30 years.

These days they also count some Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies among their clients.

Since 2010, they have been working on digital and agile transformations and the associated opportunities for traditional companies.

In 2015, this led to the two of them selling their previous business (which employed just under 70 people) and founding Xuviate, a business that focuses exclusively on helping organisations implement project portfolio and multi-project management practices and improvement ideas faster and more effectively by using Kanban and Businessmap (formerly Kanbanize), without losing sight of the day-to-day business.

In the last four years alone, Xuviate has accompanied over 300 leaders and change agents in 20+ countries across six continents (Antarctica is still missing) on their Kanban journey by providing them with online Kanban training, coaching and mentoring services.