We Will Help You Turn IT Into a Trusted Business Partner

Business Coaching for IT Leaders
of Mid-Sized Businesses

Focus On what matters

A Seat At the Table

Make a Difference

Are You Frustrated With Where You Are?

  • Do you at times feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities?
  • Do you struggle to communicate business value?
  • Why don't others seem to value your business insights and advice?
  • Is IT just seen as a necessary cost that has to be minimised?
  • Does the lack of digital awareness in the business frighten you?
  • Are you worried about digital disruption coming your way?

Your Challenges Will Only Increase!

Product life-cycles used to play out over decades. Today we talk about years and in some instances months.  There is enormous pressure on every business to change and adapt. Survival depends on it. Technology is the main reason for this pressure. The only way to keep ahead is to aggressively adopt technology. 

The Past

The Present

The Future?

Think about this!

Who is the the person with the highest technology IQ in your business?

Of course YOU! And because of this, you are also in the perfect position to figure out how to create value from technology. And thereby gain trust...

But only if you learn how to talk business first.

You Would Be In Good Company

Since engaging with Xuviate, I've dramatically improved my standing in the business and it only took three things: 

  1) Wanting to be better 

  2) Opening myself up to new ideas 

  3) Trying, learning and trying again

JASON SICHKARYK  // IT Director at Rosenau Transport, Canada 

Make Better Decisions

Receive inspiration, guidance and ideas to solve problems and move forward with confidence

Reposition as a Business Leader

Practice the language of business and push to deliver more and more business value.

Increase Technology Adoption

Learn how to influence colleagues and kick-start a digital transformation from the ground up.

What Makes Our Approach
So Different?

Our coaching approach is revolutionary because we don't promise miracles (at least not right away) but instead focus on creating an environment where you are periodically forced to stand still, evaluate your options and take a few small steps forward.

The philosophy is simple: If you start with where you are today, these small steps add up and lead to visible changes that get noticed in just a few months. That is our promise!

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Xuviate helped me get started with Kanban in IT and within days we doubled IT throughput and dramatically improved team morale. Today I lead strategy for a major new business initiative. When we started a bit more than a year ago I had no idea just how quickly things could change!

JOHAN PRETORIUS  // Group IT Leader and OCTi Strategist at Aerosud

Show Significant Results in Just 4 Steps

Talk to Us

Schedule a call and help us understand your present situation and needs. We'll figure out a coaching plan just for you.


Your most important step is to say yes to coaching. Your initial commitment should be at least 3 months. Next we pair you with a group and/or coach. Last we finalise the order and help you prepare.

Start Changing

Each session we help you focus on your most important goals and challenges. Together we think through your options. Finally we encourage you to commit to 1 or 2 specific steps you can take before the next session. Next session we'll reflect on what happened and repeat the exercise.

We Believe In You

We know you worry about whether this will work for you, but we don't want you to. That is why we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, as long as you attend your sessions.

The risk is on us!

I really battled to see non-technical work as valuable but nowadays I just love solving real business problems with the many powerful tools and methods I have learned since working with Xuviate.

RAY LESLIE  // IT Managers at Weylandts Home, South Africa

This Sounds Really Promising. But I Can't Right Now.

Without costing anything, you can still access most of the business coaching benefits by joining the exclusive eXuviate Network:

  • Access relevant stories, experiences and practical ideas
  • Ask the stuff you can't easily google
  • Meet people like you from all over the world
  • Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations and expert perspectives each day

Initially I was sceptical about how much practical value I would get from peer-coaching but today I can just look back at the many small changes I have made and reflect on how I’ve grown and how much more efficiently IT operations is running. 

BRANDEN PATIENCE  // Senior IT Manager, Mazars, South Africa

What's My Investment?

How often do you procrastinate because finding the right option is just so very difficult? How often do you slap your head when your carefully crafted business proposal is again rejected for cost reasons? How many business projects run over budget because your business just cannot move fast enough? The point is, how IT is currently viewed in your business may already be costing your business a great deal.


Tribe-Coaching Platform


  • Web & mobile app
  • 24x7 access
  • Meet peers online
  • Ask questions, search for answers
  • Align best practices
  • Receive daily inspiration
Deep Dive

Executive Coaching

from US$ 650


  • Includes all in Mastermind PLUS
  • 1-4 2h online sessions/month
  • Receive expert guidance
  • "Good enough" mastery
  • Accelerate business impact

Our No-Nonsense Guarantee*

We are so confident that you will get enormous benefit from the coaching sessions that we offer a no-nonsense, money back guarantee within the first 90 days of purchase, no questions asked. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

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