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Frustrated With How Work Gets Done?

Many leaders who need to get knowledge-work done are extremely frustrated with their situation. If you answer just one of these questions with a "yes", attending a Kanban Bootcamp might be just what you need to move forward again.

  • Do projects and initiatives take forever to complete?
  • Does it feel you always have to wait for somebody or something?
  • Is everybody always busy with a million things at the same time?
  • Do you wish you had more time to spend on improving systems?
  • Do you want your team to be more agile, but don't know how?
  • Feel stuck in a business that was designed for the 20th century?

The Problem: Organisational Inertia

It is clear that much about what we know about getting work done is hopelessly outdated.

Instead, we need to learn modern, more effective ways to reliably deliver in an increasingly uncertain business environment.

Kanban seems like the magic bullet, but almost as soon as you start you will encounter resistance as "this is not how we do things around here", a.k.a organizational inertia.

Truth be told, a management system that has evolved over so many decades will not go without a fight.

To have any chance of success, you need to:

  1. learn the basics
  2. build your first systems, step by step
  3. and upgrade your mental models of how work should get done.

The Kanban Bootcamp has been designed with these outcomes in mind and in just 8 weeks you will have a working system that others notice.

The past 8 weeks have been a journey for us from "... not really convinced that Kanban will be better than what we already have... " to fully embracing this new methodology and even starting to discuss how we can convince other departments to follow us.

RUSSEL GREFEN, Engineering Manager at Aerosud, South Africa

Some of Our Happy Customers

You Can Expect These Benefits

Get the Knowledge

Kanban is much more than visualising work! Once you truly understand the breadth and depth of Kanban you'll see many new opportunities to improve flow.

Get Results

With a clear picture of how work should get done, you'll appreciate our suggestions and ideas for how you can kick-start and accelerate the journey with your team(s).

New Thinking

Discard 20th century management thinking and start seeing all knowledge work as a flow from "customer need" to "needs met". Work will never be the same.

Why is the Bootcamp so Special?

The Kanban Bootcamp is so effective, because it gives you all the knowledge and support you need to implement a fully-functioning Team Kanban system at Maturity Level 1.

Even better, if you engage the right people from the start, you could be well on your way to having a mature, customer-driven Kanban system by the end of the Bootcamp (at Maturity Level 2).

What makes this possible is our unique Kanban Adoption Roadmap and its 40 Waypoints that show you, at each stage of your journey, what the most likely next steps could be.

Last but not least, our promise to you is simple: We are there, every step of the way, as you reimagine how work gets done.

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Meet Kanbanize, Our Favourite Kanban Tool

One of the most significant shortcomings of conventional Kanban trainings is that you still have to figure out how to implement what you have learned using your own Kanban software.

Even worse, not every Kanban tool is equally powerful and sometimes even standard Kanban practices can only be implemented using workarounds.

This is why we have partnered deeply with Kanbanize and standardised on their tool for all visualisations and demonstrations during the Bootcamp.  

If your organisation doesn't yet have a Kanbanize license, we can provide you with a free, fully functioning 3-month trial so that you can easily follow along with everything we do.

Serious Results In Just 3 Steps

Secure Attendance

Check the Bootcamp dates and secure your attendance as early as possible. Seats are limited and prices increase over time.

Reserve Time Every Week

Dedicate time every week for watching the Waypoints, doing the homework with your team and attending the online session. About 10 hours per week in total.

Complete Homework

Keep up by completing the homework every week.  Doing things instead of thinking about them too much is when the real learning happens.

In recent years I've taken many crash courses to keep up with developments in several fields, but I feel particularly proud about completing the Xuviate Kanban Bootcamp. When enrolling I had no idea how deep and wide we would be going. The wealth of knowledge shared was outstanding and the weekly format an excellent choice, contributing to the better understanding of the concepts. I am very grateful to our excellent instructors Mathias Tölken and Mark Geschke for this course. I am also very grateful to my team of classmates, particularly those who put themselves in the weekly hotseat, helping us all uncover more about implementing Kanban in various real business settings.

Alexander Deliyannis, Partner at Sympraxis Team, Greece

What Happens During a Bootcamp? 

A Bootcamp takes place over about 8 weeks and requires a weekly time-commitment of between 7 and 11 hours

As part of your preparation, you will be asked to watch the first 2 modules of our introductory Kanban Essentials Course to get you in the right mind-space.  

Each week thereafter, there will be new online learning content, homework with your own team and an online session to deepen your knowledge and resolve challenges: 

Self-Paced Training

At the start of the weekly Bootcamp cycle, you will need to watch the next batch of Waypoint videos from the Kanban Adoption Roadmap. The 40 Waypoints help you establish a sound Kanban foundation  (step-by-step)

Homework with Team

Each week you and your team need to complete the homework exercises and apply what you have learned to your LIVE system. For any questions, the online Bootcamp Workspace provides an easy way to connect with the facilitators and others in your cohort at any time. 

Weekly Online Session

Once weekly we will meet online for 2 hours to help each other deepen our understanding of the topics covered in the Waypoints and the homework. This includes a general update, lots of group-work, exercises, simulations as well as time for questions.

The 40 Waypoint Videos of the Kanban Adoption Roadmap build on each other and have to be watched in sequence.

Before you start the weekly homework with your team, it is advisable to schedule a viewing party where you together watch and discuss the relevant Waypoint videos.

The topics for the 8 weeks are as follows:

0. Welcome

In the introductory session you will get to know your hosts, as well as your fellow attendees. You will also learn what to expect over the Bootcamp and what you need to do to get the most value from it. At the end of the session you will get your homework for "Week 1" of the Bootcamp.

1. Setting the Scene

What is a service and what do you and your team want to get from Kanban are some of the key questions you need to find answers for. Unfortunately this is quite tricky to do when you are new to Kanban, which is why the first few Waypoints and exercises are designed to help you set this foundation.

2. System Design

You will learn how to build a Kanban system using the Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban (STATIK). When you are new to Kanban, the first design will not be as solid as when you have done it a few times. Practice makes perfect. And we will jointly discuss some examples.

3. Going Live & Flow Simulation

Only when you have a working system, will you get value from Kanban. The goal of week 3 is to move from theory to practice (if you had not done so before). You will also participate in a flow simulation to better prepare you for week 4.

4. Limiting WIP: From Push to Pull

We all know that multi-tasking is a productivity killer, yet almost everybody struggles with the concept of limiting work in progress in a business context. Understand why this happens and how Kanban helps you solve it.

5. Metrics & Improving Flow

Kanban metrics are both simple and extremely powerful. Once you know how to measure improvements you will focus on establising appropriate feedback loops, thereby putting yourself on a path of continuous improvement.

6. Projects

Love them or hate them: projects are how organisations currently drive (lots of) change. Learn the basics of managing projects the Kanban way and see how easy it is to get started by leveraging your already existing Kanban workflows. You will also get to know the Kanbanize Timeline view.

7. Guiding Evolution

The ultimate goal of any Kanban journey is to build an adaptive, resilient organisation. Learn about the critical role that leadership plays and understand how the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) can support your journey.

We will invite you to a private Kanban Bootcamp Workspace on the eXuviate Community to facilitate two-way communication throughout the Bootcamp and to

  • collect homework assignments and share them with all,
  • to publish session recordings and, most importantly,  
  • to encourage participants to build relationships with others on a similar journey.

The Bootcamp Workspace will remain available for 3 months after the conclusion of the Bootcamp.

P.S. Not yet a member of eXuviate? Then join now, it is free (if you qualify), even if you don't join a Bootcamp.

The Waypoints were brilliant. I was seriously surprised to learn just how much value Kanban can bring to an organisation.

Norman Lawton

Business Analyst at Fruitways, South Africa

During the Bootcamp I got a clear idea of how to improve our Kanban system step-by-step, I understood where we are in the KMM and also gained a completely new perspective on how to drive continuous improvement.

Denitsa Shishmanova

Scrum Master at Roche Polska, Poland

Breakout sessions and the Lean Coffee were quite impressive and just listening to the discussions was enlightening in many cases.

Patrick Naujoks

Engineering Manager at BASF SE, Germany

What's My Investment?

Are you concerned about team productivity in these uncertain times? What would you gain by slashing your project delivery time by at least half? How much more work could you get done if everybody could just focus for once? Are you again struggling to replace a key resouce who just left?

Failing to implement Kanban properly may already be costing your business a great deal in lost opportunities.

Enroll now and get the kick-start you need to survive and thrive:

  • Practical insights & tools to get the job done
  • Pick up momentum with step-by-step guidance 
  • Reduce overburdening & boost happiness
  • Measurably improve customer outcomes 
  • A powerful vision for the future of work
  • Upgrade your mental models

Our No-Nonsense Guarantee

We are so confident that you will get enormous benefit from attending the Kanban Bootcamp that we offer a no-nonsense, money back guarantee within the first 30 days of starting the Bootcamp. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

*Special: Your purchase includes 5 additional Kanban Essentials Course licenses for your team at no extra cost (valued at €1000)

I was surprised by how many new insights I gained even though I have been involved with Kanban for quite some time.

Johan Pretorius

Group IT Leader at Aerosud, Portugal

The entire bootcamp was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me, as I have identified that we should continuously re-evaluate what we have learned and used in the past, to ultimately unlearn the outdated methods and learn new methods to keep moving forward.

Rusaan van Staden

Talent Acquisition at GWK Limited, South Africa

Awesome job. I like your teaching style and I like the community-building approach of the Bootcamp.

Nils Wloka

Director of Engineering at Instana GmbH, Germany

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Can I participate if my team's work is highly confidential?

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