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Board of IT Advisors. On-demand IT SWAT Team. Hands-on MBA

Choose Growth by joining our private BTM Mastermind Peer-Coaching Group for IT Managers and CIOs
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Experience the magic and turbo-charge your growth.

Even though information technology holds massive promise for business growth and agility, most IT leaders are so busy running from one critical project to the next that they just do not find the time to take a step back and become more strategic business leaders.

By investing just 5h a month, our Mastermind Groups create a growth structure that can help even the busiest IT leader move forward.


Save time and money

Obtain valuable input from your private Board of IT Advisors as you make, validate and prioritise major decisions. Avoid costly mistakes and learn from your peers.


Complete more projects

Brainstorm with your on-demand IT SWAT team on how to overcome particularly thorny implementation issues. Deliver results faster and with better quality than ever before.


Develop as a leader

Not ready for a formal MBA? Get challenged and learn new management skills every two weeks. Professional, personal and business growth is inevitable when good questions are asked.


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Any other details or context?

  • Be part of a private group of up to 12 members from around the world.
  • Meet online for 2h up to 2 times a month. Coffee is on you!
  • It only takes 5 hours/month. The more time you spend, however, the more value you get.
  • Occasionally you will be in the Hotseat. This gives you a chance to zoom into a specific challenge and get personal advice from the group. Powerful!
  • Since 80% of all IT management challenges are similar across organisations, almost every hotseat creates insights.
  • Get on-demand technical and other advice from members through a private Slack group.
  • Watch a recording of a session if you ever miss one.

Running a successful Mastermind Group for business and IT leaders is notoriously hard as individual circumstances vary so greatly between small and medium organisations. Our unique blend of business technology facilitation, group nurturing and framework thinking has helped us create long-running Mastermind Groups where others quickly loose steam.


The expert guides - Each session is facilitated by Mark and/or Mathias, who both have over 20 years of experience in the IT Industry. They will be your guides on your growth journey to a well-rounded Business Technology Manager.


Group participants are carefully selected from around the world - Our groups are online only and group members are matched based on industry, company size, Relevant IT maturity, IT leadership focus and many other criteria to ensure maximum learning for all.


The Relevant IT methodology provides structure and guidance  - Our very own business technology management (BTM) maturity framework for SMBs is extremely useful for keeping everyone focused on the skills-building activities that truly matter during a digital transformation journey.

The Relevant IT Mastermind Group is an opportunity for me to connect with other high-performance IT leaders in order to question the fundamental premises on how we manage technology.  These sessions are invaluable in assisting me to play an effective role in shaping the digital transformation journey in our business.

Hendré Claassen Group IT Manager at Fruitways

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I have been part of the Mastermind Group alongside other ICT Managers for a while now and it is refreshing to know that there are other people out there that have the same problems I do. The sharing of information and the regular online discussions have been beneficial for me not only on a personal level but also a professional one. I strongly recommend this for other IT leaders.

Philip Mason I.C.T. Manager at Spier

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A few months into Masterminds it became clear that I was not only receiving ideas to resolve my immediate challenges but we actually work on a methodic approach to proactively prevent and overcome a lot of the stumbling blocks we face as IT professionals.

For me it paves the way to raise Information Technology from little understood money pit to Business Technology partner. The Business Technology approach divides IT into functional Value Propositions which promotes focusing of energies into delivering outcomes and clearly defining IT roles into business language. Think of this as the Business version of Finance for non-financial managers course.

Ralph Hendricks IT Manager at WWF South Africa

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I initially thought that the Mastermind Group will be all pie-in-the-sky stuff that I would not be able to use or implement in some way.  I can honestly sit here and tell you that the information/guidance I received thus far has been relevant and small changes can be made. I guess this is why the framework is called “The Relevant IT Framework”.

Word of caution:  be willing to accept when you are being challenged and take criticism to heart.  Mathias and Mark are only trying to help you and are in a position to tell you the brutal honest truth, even though it might hurt your ego at times.


Now this is relevant IT.  It is not up-in-the-sky stuff, but real issues.

Branden Patience IT Manager at Mazars South Africa

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How we grow personally. Efficient and fast!

It seems like most of us have this figured out. Between friends and all the other relationships, we have nurtured over time we have created a phenomenal support structure that helps us achieve (almost) anything we set our minds to... and in record time!




How IT leaders grow professionally. Unfocused and slow!

IT Managers and CIOs of mid-sized businesses use many sources for inspiration but have not replicated the people-based support structure that works so brilliantly in their personal lives. Most of their time is spend on managing technology instead of focusing on the management challenges of making technology work for the business.


Considering that 80% of all IT management challenges are similar across organisations it is completely ridiculous that we don't find more opportunties to learn from each other

Mark Geschke - Xuviate CEO and Co-Founder



No like-minded colleagues

Most mid-sized organizations have only one senior IT manager or CIO. There may be other technical leaders and there will most certainly be strong business leaders (with often no technical insight) but normally there are no other leaders who really understand how complex the IT management role really is. 

The business IT divide is still very real!


No Business Technology Management communities

Another option is to look for a community of peers outside the organisation. But here again mid-market IT leaders run into a brick-wall. While there may be lots of choices for CIOs of large organisations and just as many forums and communities for technical exchanges, there is really nothing that is focused on the specific business technology management (BTM) challenges of more growth-focused IT leaders.


No time to start own peer-group

A last option is to create an own peer-support group. An easy decision as IT leaders just know how valuable such a group could be for everyone. But now they run into yet another showstopper.  Almost every person that initially agrees so enthusiastically to participate soon discovers that they have so much to do and don't really have time for the admin that such a group requires. 

The first session is completely free for anybody who qualifies. Thereafter the monthly investment is

USD 250  / month for an annual commitment, with the possibility of shorter periods on request.

This is usually covered by the internal training budget. HR is your ally in making this happen.

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Register for the Trial

The first step is to complete your registration and choose the trial session you will join. Apart from making sure you block off the time in your calendar, there is not much else to do until the trial. If you haven't already done so, subscribing to our blog can help set the scene and get you into growth mode.

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Signup for your Mastermind

At the end of the trial both you and Xuviate will have to decide whether there is a fit and whether we should continue. Once you have selected the right payment plan you will be assigned to the most appropriate group which will from then on become your home Mastermind group.

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Start your sessions and grow

With all the preliminary work behind you, it is now time to officially join your own group and use the two-weekly Mastermind cadence to challenge your habits and become a progressive business technology leader. This is when the fun and growth really starts.

To find out whether this is for you, we have put together some resources.


1. Webinar

The best point to start is to watch a 38 min webinar recording which answers the question "What is a BTM Mastermind Group and is it for me?" in detail.

Access Webinar


2. Blogs

Our top 3 blog articles provide some more info on what a BTM Mastermind Group is, how it works and what the benefits are of joining one.

Mastermind Blogs


3. Call

For anything else you can schedule a call with one of our expert guides. They will also look at the big picture and help you make a good decision.

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Once you are ready to take the next step in your IT Management career you should apply for the Mastermind group and get access to a completely free trial.

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