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We help IT managers and CIOs make better and better decisions, faster and faster.

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Digital Disruption Simulator

In 2 minutes find out how future-proof your company is

Peter Sondergaard of Gartner says that every company is a technology company.

Unfortunately, however, not enough SMEs have realised this yet!

We have created this easy and fun simulator to raise the general awareness of the imminent dangers of digital disruption and to create talking points for what businesses need to do to survive and thrive..


BTM Mastermind Groups

Work with and learn from leaders like yourself. Online.

The best way, by far, to learn new business technology management skills is by engaging regularly with like-minded leaders from similar organisations.

Our facilitated, online mastermind groups create the ideal learning environment for leaders who not only want to fast-track their careers but also want to get their businesses started on a journey of digital transformation.


BTM Gap Analysis

Assess your business' digital maturity. Without requiring consultants.

Any transformation effort requires an analysis of the present state to better allocate resources and move forward with momentum.

Through our self-service, online Gap Analysis tool we analyse the perceptions of all business IT stakeholders and establish a unique digital fingerprint for your business.


Relevant IT Methodology

Receive guidance on what new skills you should focus on. And when!

All of the Xuviate services and tools are based on the Relevant IT methodology, a step by step approach on how to improve business technology competence in SMEs. 

The framework was developed by multiple people over a period of 6 years and continues to evolve.


What our clients are saying about us

  • Hendré Claassen - Fruitways

    The Relevant IT framework allowed us to forge a common understanding between the various business stakeholders relating to how IT should be run in order to deliver value. We now have more appropriate IT leadership structures, more aligned business IT expectations and have a well-defined mandate to contribute business value.

    Hendré Claassen - IT Manager at Fruitways

  • Glenn Hurlow - Mazars

    The RelevantIT framework developed by Xuviate is the only workable methodology I have found for a mid-sized business embarking on a journey to bridge the gap between business and technology leaders and achieve true business value from their investment in technology.

    Glenn Hurlow - Head of IT at Mazars South Africa

  • Ralph Hendricks - WWF South Africa

    A few months into Masterminds it became clear that I was not only receiving ideas to resolve my immediate challenges but we actually work on a methodic approach to proactively prevent and overcome a lot of the stumbling blocks we face as IT professionals.

    Ralph Hendricks - WWF South Africa

Why you should engage with us?


In over 20 years of building an award-winning IT services company for SME clients we have learned first-hand about the unique challenges business and IT leaders face in harnessing the transformative power of technology.  In our new business, Xuviate, we have made it our mission to

Unlock the true business value of IT in SMEs.

Instead of working on the next big technology project we focus all our attention on helping SMEs develop core business IT competencies that are vital to making better and better business decisions. And this all while being acutely aware of the constraints of a small to medium business.

Read more about why we founded Xuviate on our blog.


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