IT Leader Growth Summit 2018

For IT Managers, Heads of IT and CIOs of Mid-Sized Businesses

40+ Highly Relevant, Online Sessions with IT Leaders and Subject Matter Experts from Around the Globe, Who Share their Hands-On Experiences and Stimulate GROWTH

In May this year Xuviate will host the first ever virtual IT Leader Growth Summit. A summit that is 100% focused on the needs of IT Managers, Heads of IT and CIOs in mid-sized businesses who want to get to the next level in their careers.

We have been working in the IT industry for close to 25 years and below we have listed a few statements of IT leaders that we hear over and over again.

We bet that you will recognise many of them!

  • Being the IT Leader in a mid-sized business can be extremely lonely as you are usually "one of a kind" in your organisation and you also do not know many other IT Leaders in similar situations. Nobody inside your business really understands your many challenges and can help you.
  • IT traditionally is involved in many projects and your company is no different. How can you deal with all the competing priorities and ensure successful and timely project delivery?
  • Much of your time is spent to maintain the IT platform, keeping it secure and stable. But are you really doing what is necessary? And what about all the new threats, rules and regulations?
  • The new technologies emerging on the horizon do excite you. But where to start and which ones should you keep an eye out for?
  • You are incredibly busy and just don't have the time to spend on thinking about the future. Often you wish you could break out of this rat-race and take the next step in your career.
  • Yes, you definitely see yourself as a future CIO, but for now you want to focus on your operational leadership skills and get help in managing your business function and your team.
  • Everybody talks about the need for businesses to digitally transform and all the more the central role that the IT Leader plays in this becomes apparent. You definitely want to be an integral part of this exciting development and you feel your business is ready for the next step.

If indeed one or more of these statements resonate with you, then you absolutely have to reserve your free ticket to the summit and check it out.

The summit will consist of 40+ value-packed panel discussions, interviews and presentations, addressing the daily reality of IT Leaders in mid-sized organisations.

The panellists and speakers will be either
- other IT leaders like yourself, who are or were grappling with the same problems and have found a way to address them or
- Subject matter experts who have specialist knowledge on the topic they are speaking about.

Either way the focus will be on actionable advice. Learn directly from the people who have already done it! No boring lectures!

And the best part is that you can watch the entire summit for FREE!


The only online conference of its kind!

Get unlimited 24 hour access to these exclusive sessions for FREE.

This Summit is All About Growth

Grow Personally

What makes you tick? Find the niche where what you love to do, what you are good at and what people would pay money for intersect.

Grow Professionally

Not even the sky is the limit. Get advice on how to become more effective and efficient at what you do. Get inspired to identify and take that next step in your career.

Grow the Business

As IT Leader you are ideally positioned to kick-start or drive Digital Transformation and assist your business to become highly adaptive in this ever-changing world.

Gain Insights On the Following Topics

Digital Transformation (DX)

Career & Personal Growth

Emerging Technologies

IT Leadership & Management Skills

IT Staff Management

Project Management & Project Portfolio Management

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Data and Network Security

Day to Day IT Management

Hear from These Awesome Panellists and Speakers and Many More

​​Branden Patience
Senior IT Manager
​Claudio Perrone
Agile Sensei Consulting
​Rika Myburg
Head of IT
Griqualand West Corporation (GWK)
​Craig Armour
K C Armour & Co
​Dimitar Karaivanov
​CEO & Co-founder
​Jochen Köcher
DX Specialist: Risk Mitigation & Compliance
Veritas Technologies
​Jason Sichkaryk
IT Director
Rosenau Transport
​​Philippe Guenet
Principal Consultant & Founder
​Johan Pretorius
ICT Manager
​Tim Dixon
​Chief Vision Officer
​​Paul Galland
Director and Value Creator
Flipside Enterprise Services
Stephan Meyer
Denkstelle Consulting
​Philip Mason
​IT Manager
Spier Holdings
​​Philipp Kellner
​Account Executive
​​Hendre Claassen
Information Systems Mgr 
​Caroline Mouton
ICT Whisperer ​
POPI Compliance
Mark Calvert
Head of IT Development & Infrastructure 
Data Orbis

Why You Absolutely Cannot Miss This Summit

Learn directly from people who have already done it.

It will help to reduce your learning curve. While experimentation itself is extremely valuable, it is much more efficient to leverage off the experience of peers and experts and utilise their knowledge.

Learn from speakers and panellists from around the globe.

We are sparing no effort to bring you an amazing line-up of experts and IT Leaders.

Watch value packed video interviews, panel sessions and discussions. 

No boring lectures! These interviews are jam-packed with real, raw and authentic conversations. During each session we will discuss instant takeaways and actionable strategies for immediate implementation!

Make it work for your schedule. 

Each presentation will be available for 24 hours to view at your convenience. You can work them into your day in the way that suits your schedule best.

Learn from the comfort of your own home or office. 

No flights, no traveling, no hotel stay. As long as you have an Internet connection and a computer you should be fine.

It's FREE, for a limited time.

Remember, most conferences cost thousands of dollars to attend, in addition to the air fare, hotel and other costs. All access to the sessions during this event are completely free of charge.


The only online conference of its kind!

Get unlimited 24 hour access to these exclusive sessions for FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IT Leader Growth Summit and who is it for?

The IT Leader Growth Summit is a virtual 5-day event focused on the needs of IT Managers, Heads of IT and CIOs in mid-sized businesses.  It encompasses 40+ Sessions by IT Leaders and Subject Matter Experts from around the globe, who share their hands-on experiences. Everything you need to grow personally, grow professionally and grow your business!

Is this event really free?

Absolutely! When you register for the event you'll be sent an email letting you know how you can access all the sessions. Each session will remain available for 24 hours whereupon it will no longer be accessible for free. However, you will have an option to upgrade your ticket to an All-Access Pass, which will give you unlimited access to all of the content as well as a host of additional bonus material.

Where is the event located?

Wherever you are! This is an online event so you can watch it wherever you have an Internet connection.

When will the panel discussions, interviews and presentations be available?

We will communicate an exact agenda of the summit well before the event and each session will be available for 24 hours after the scheduled release time.

How do I watch the live sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive a welcome email in your inbox as well as several follow-up notices with the relevant link(s). Simply follow the easy instructions we provide. You’ll be able to view the live sessions on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

I can't attend all the sessions live. Will there be a recording? 

Yes, the recording for each session will be available for 24 hours following the session's original "screening". Watch it anytime at your convenience during those 24 hours, or you can upgrade to an All-Access Pass to get access to all recordings as well as a host of additional bonus material forever.

A Message from Your Hosts

Mark Geschke - CEO and Co-Founder

From where we are standing it seems we have been working towards hosting this IT Leader Growth Summit for the last 25 years!

Even while running our previous IT Managed Services business we have always been focusing on the unique needs of the mid-market IT leader and this summit finally pulls together all our various efforts to help many more IT leaders become truly strategic and ultimately get their business started on a digital transformation.

Yes, you read correctly, we absolutely believe that the IT leader is the most important person for kick-starting digital transformation in their business!

We hope you will get as much enjoyment and value out of the summit as we got whilst preparing for it!

Mark & Mathias

P.S. To learn more about us and the exciting journey we are on, click here.

Mathias Tölken - COO and Co-Founder