Portfolio Kanban and Coordination

Shortly after implementing Kanban at team level it usually becomes glaringly obvious that there are numerous dependencies on other teams that impact service performance. This is when Portfolio Kanban and Flight Levels are discovered.

What is Portfolio Kanban?

Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO of Kanbanize, spoke to Mathias back in 2018 about what Portfolio Kanban is and how it is different from Team Kanban. Along the way he answered many questions that commonly come up when first thinking about scaling a Kanban implementation.

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Flight Levels for Coordination

Whereas Portfolio Kanban provides the visualisation of work across multiple levels, the Flight Levels model created by Klaus Leopold from Leanability tells us how to coordinate with each other so that the right work happens at the right time. The short video below introduces the model and explains what each of the 3 levels is used for.