Personal Kanban and Productivity

A Kanban journey often starts with individuals who realise they have way too much on their plate and need a better way to focus attention and avoid bad multitasking. On this page you'll find all the resources we have accumulated on this topic. 

Getting Started

You have probably heard many people rave about Kanban's magical power to improve personal productivity. But how do you get started? In the first video (3 mins), you'll learn how easy it is to get started with a basic Kanban task management board. In the second video well try to answer many of the common questions ...

Get an overview of how a personal Kanban board can be used to effectively manage your task list and gain value from day 1 of implementing it.

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Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO of Kanbanize, answered questions from the audience on how one could use Kanban to improve personal productivity.

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Working from Home

"How do I stay productive while working from home?", was a question many people grappled with at the start of the Covid-19 crisis. Since Kanban provides such an intuitive approach to keeping work flowing, we immediately took this opportunity to get down to the basics in a short, 5-part video series. Even though the initial shock of the lock-downs has worn off, many have found coping strategies such as these so useful that they are asking why they can't work like this at the office..

Learn how to keep track of all your many tasks by setting up a Personal Kanban system using just a whiteboard, a pen and coloured sticky notes

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Learn a very simple technique to prioritise your daily workload and actually get more important work done. This way you’ll feel a lot more energised.

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If you want to get more important work done faster, you need to occasionally review what you do and learn from your mistakes.

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When work-, family- and me-time is not clearly seperated anymore, it becomes hard to maintain a healthy balance. Here is a simple system to help you out!

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It’s important to recharge your batteries now and then, but how do do that without feeling guilty when there is so much more to do? Mathias shares his secret

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Flow-e - Managing Email the Kanban Way

It is no secret that we drown in email. Since so many tasks originate here, it was only logical to ask the question "could we not connect our email system directly with a Kanban workflow tool?". This is exactly what a small team from Kanbanize did a few years ago and so Flow-e was born. In eXpander Episode 57, the team behind Flow-e explains the theory behind personal productivity and shows how this could be done using a tool like Flow-e.