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Is this Your Reality?

  • IT is so complex these days and everybody expects you to know everything. Or so it seems.
  • Technology is your strength, but improving soft-skills is becoming more important by the day.
  • You know where you want to go. Yet you worry that you may be missing something important.
  • With so much to do you know you have to prioritise better. Is that even possible?
  • Best practices from outside never seem to fit your environment. But why is this so?
  • At times you really feel like you are on your own with all your challenges.

I am really excited to be part of eXuviate. It's a platform that our industry has been missing. A meeting of minds across the world where we can learn from each others' strengths and share concerns in a safe environment. I have already learnt a few things and I have barely scratched the surface of the information available.

DEBBIE BAIRD  // Group IT Manager at Briggs Marine, UK 

Join eXuviate (for free) and Expect These Benefits

A Stream of Ideas, Guidance and Tools

Find answers you cannot google, learn how others have overcome similar challenges and discover the tools that deliver the most bang for the buck. 

Confirmation that You Are On the Right Path

In IT there are always options. Many options. To know what choices your peers are making can greatly simplify your own decision-making.

An Online Home
Built For You

Your job is very unique and it is about time you find your online tribe. Where you can simply be yourself.

What Makes the eXuviate Network so Special?

Many people believe that a traditional mid-sized business is just a smaller version of an enterprise.

Utter nonsense, we know, but almost nobody else does.

Which is why we decided to create an exclusive online space for IT leaders like you. And since we know how much you hate being sold to we went one step further and banned any form of marketing.

Lastly, we know how tight your budget is and have made eXuviate membership completely free.

Small and mid-size organisations have different starting points than corporates but equal difficulties in driving digital performance. The eXuviate Network gives me a chance to discuss needs with IT leaders and test how solutions resonate with their challenges. I believe that small and mid-size organisations have an unprecedented opportunity to be successful in this changing market and to disrupt established players by outsmarting and outpacing them. The times are for Davids to emerge over Goliaths and eXuviate is where we will find out how.

PHILIPPE GUENET  // Principal Consultant & Founder at Henko, UK

Who Will You Meet?

You and your peers are the stars in this network.

Whatever you need to do or think about, you can bet that some of your peers have already been there and will be just too eager to share their insights and stories.

For some other topics you again will be the resident expert and you can share what you know and pay it forward.

Mark Geschke and Mathias Tölken, founders of Xuviate and your hosts, are both very active in the network.

They dedicate significant portions of their day towards answering questions, sharing insights and generally helping everyone move forward.

It is mind-boggling to see just how much knowledge one can pick up during 25 years of working in the fast-moving IT industry.

We also have a few very special thought leaders who are keen to participate.

Like Mathias and Mark they also believe that solutions for the mid-market should be purposefully designed and they are currently figuring out how their speciality skills can be adapted.

It is an absolute privilege to have these pathfinders within our midst.

Xuviate helped me get started with Kanban in IT and within days we doubled IT throughput and dramatically improved team morale. Today I lead strategy for a major new business initiative. When we started a bit more than a year ago I had no idea just how quickly things could change!

JOHAN PRETORIUS  // Group IT Leader and OCTi Strategist at Aerosud

Only 4 Easy Steps to Get Started

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Next we will review your details and make sure you belong within the network. Expect an email from us with next steps within 24 hours of applying.

Complete the Signup

Click the link in the email and enter your name and email address one last time before you are redirected to the eXuviate Network. Take a moment to install the Android or iOS application on your phone.

Observe and Engage

Complete your network profile and poke around. Decide if you first want to observe a bit or immediately announce your presence (recommended). Make a point to return at least once a week. Expect to always leave with new insights and inspiration.

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Meet many interesting people, both near and far away ...

Joining eXuviate is like joining a FaceBook or LinkedIn space custom-designed for the IT leader. I feel like I have joined a club of IT elites who have helped me to exponentially grow my skills, abilities and even attitude towards users and managers. I am a much better IT leader because of it!

ROBERT VERHAGEN  // IT Manager at Logo Print, South Africa