Kanban Lens 3 – See Knowledge Work as a Service

May 4, 2020


As more and more of our work becomes intangible (so-called knowledge-work as highlighted in Kanban Lens 1 and Lens 2), it also becomes harder to keep on top of it all.

This is an especially big problem for teams who have to juggle lots of tasks, projects, deadlines and stakeholder demands.... which is almost every team these days!

What would really help is if we could somehow see all this work as a service and then optimise it as we would optimise any other service.

Fortunately we can, which is what the third Kanban Lens is all about...

In the next episode you'll learn about Kanban Lens 4, which tells us to see our entire organisation as a network of interconnected services.

For additional reading, have a look at this blog article from Kanbanize:

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About the author

Business Agility Coach | Abundance Thinker | Helping Mid-Market Companies Evolve by Using the Kanban Methodology
- As trained Industrial Engineer with close on 25 years' experience as IT Professional and Business Executive in the mid-market IT industry, Mathias Tölken loves to share his experiences and expertise with others.

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