Welcome to the eXpander Series

Ready To eXpand Your Thinking?

There is no denying that change agents in mid-sized businesses face many unique challenges and needs and where the solutions found by larger businesses are just not that appropriate! 

The eXpander Series steps into this void by pulling together speakers and experts from all over the world to share their hard-won lessons-learned, best practices and tools for getting on top of the major challenges.

The first 56 Episodes of the eXpander Series have their origin at the Xuviate IT Leader Growth Summit 2018. 

The success of the summit format and overwhelmingly positive feedback we received about the content has prompted us to turn this into an ongoing series by adding approximately four new monthly episodes to the archive.

Even though we cover a wide variety of topics, care is taken to always bring the discussions back to the reality of leading change in mid-sized businesses.

All sessions are organised by topic.  You can also find all speakers and experts organised by origin country.

Your Host

Mathias Tölken
COO and Co-Founder

Most of the sessions are facilitated by Mathias Tölken, Co-Founder of Xuviate.

Being a "pattern-thinker" with nearly 25 years of experience in the small and mid-market IT industry, Mathias expertly leads the sessions and extracts learning points from every speaker. 

You will find your head nodding…

Getting Started

We would suggest that you start your journey by first watching the The 10 Limiting Beliefs We All Need To Leave Behind (the opening keynote of the Xuviate IT Leader Growth Summit 2018 by Mark Geschke) for context and then proceed to the topics that most interest you....