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On Sunday, 20 May, we officially opened the IT Leader Growth Summit 2018. 

From idea to implementation it took just over 7 months and more than 1000 hours spent by Xuviate staff alone to prepare for this first-ever global and completely online Summit focused specifically on the questions and needs of mid-market IT leaders.

This does not even start to account for all the time and energy invested by our more than 55 incredible speakers from 12 countries who share their insights and experiences in 56 sessions one-hour sessions.

And all of this knowledge (and many bonuses which we'll tell you more below) is now available to you whenever you need it to get inspiration or resolve a particular challenge.

Why are we doing all of this, you may ask? 

Quite simply because we believe that many IT leaders do not realise just yet how big the opportunity is for them to start playing a really significant role in the future success and survival of their employers. Our goal for organising this event was to do our part in stimulating GROWTH and help many more IT Managers, Heads of IT and CIOs move forward with confidence. And we are excited to say that we have put together an incredible foundation.

If you could not attend the Opening & Welcome Session live, we suggest the very first thing you do is to watch the recording we have uploaded (you can see it at the top).  

In it, Mathias will step through the entire Summit, introduce our Sponsors Kanbanize and Xuviate and provide otherwise helpful hints on how to maximise the value you get from your All-Access Pass.

There is a huge amount of content to take in ... but if you do not first put yourself into a growth mindset, you may miss some of the really important points our speakers are making.

And this would be a real pity!

To help you avoid this, our suggestion would be to next watch Mark's Summit Opening Keynote on the "10 Limiting Beliefs IT Leaders in Mid-Sized Businesses Need to Leave Behind".

Live attendees loved the message and told us afterwards how inspired they felt about cultivating a growth mindset.

With the All-Access Pass you have given yourself a tremendous advantage over Free Summit participants: 

  1. You have complete access to all Summit sessions for as long as you need to. Watch a session when you need some insight on a challenging topic or perhaps just want some inspiration to get away from the dull day-to-day work routine. How you enjoy the content is up to you.
  2. Download speaker presentations, audio recordings, and additional notes as well as get access to many relevant tools, research links and special offers that support the topic that was examined in a session. You'll find these downloadable's and special offers at the bottom of every session page.
  3. Get 12 month membership to the brand-new Xuviate IT Leader Growth Group (which is hosted on on both Facebook and LinkedIn). Our goal is to establish and grow the community of mid-market IT leaders by sharing insights and inspiration and helping each other succeed. We are also planning on adding 2 to 6 new sessions every month to keep the content fresh. If you have not yet done so, please join us on one or both of these platforms and start to engage. The groups are there for you!
  4. Make use of exclusive offers from our most amazing partner and sponsor Kanbanize. Their team has been awesome in their support of the Summit and we are very grateful. In addition, they have also added two very special bonus offers for All-Access Pass subscribers.  Check it out now!
  5. Xuviate, the company behind the Summit, has not only agreed to facilitate the IT Leader Growth Groups (see point 2), but also offers a substantial discount on their premium IT Leader Mastermind and also one free DX 360 Readiness Assessment for one organisation of your choice. Learn more about Xuviate and their special Summit offers here.

And finally, do make some time to watch the Closing Session where we and a few others talk about the state of the global mid-market IT leader community and what it would mean if we could bring together more leaders. Really powerful ideas that were talked about!

Now that you have a better idea of what we have in store for you, it is up to you to make best use of these tremendous resources. Get active in the social media groups, engage with the speakers (who will also frequent the groups) and most importantly, make a commitment to yourself that 2018 will be your year of growth! 

There is one small favour that we would like to ask. See, the total value we create for everyone is directly proportional to how many people join and actively participate. To grow a community, however, is not easy and we absolutely need all the support we can get. Whether this means you share our social media posts, tell your friends about the All-Access Pass or just leave a comment after watching a session to tell the speaker what you thought, we'll leave the details up to you. Every little bit of support is appreciated 🙂

Have fun, grow in leaps and bounds and let us know what you think.

Mark and Mathias, your hosts from Xuviate

Mark Geschke
CEO and Co-Founder

Mathias Tölken
COO and Co-Founder