Take Some Time to Plan Your Event

Great, you have come to the right place if you want to know about the official agenda for the IT Leader Growth Summit 2018.

We have been super busy over the last few months and have a full and very exciting line-up planned for everybody who has signed up for the FREE Summit (not yet signed up? No problem, just click here and do this now).

In fact, with ​56 sessions on 10 overarching IT leadership topics there is so much on offer that you need to really sit down and plan your Summit "binge watching" schedule a bit in advance 🙂

How it works is quite simple:

The Summit itself kicks off on Day 1 (20 May, Sunday) with a Summit overview and a thank you to our two sponsors, Kanbanize and Xuviate, without which this event would not have been possible (watch the recording).

Next on the agenda is a Keynote by Mark, CEO of Xuviate who will be talking about "10 Limiting Beliefs All IT Leaders Need to Leave Behind" (watch the recording). Be sure not to miss this thought-provoking talk as it will set the tone for the rest of the Summit.

With IT leaders from 48 countries who will be attending (making this a truly global event), we have decided to host the opening welcome and keynote twice, first at 07h00 and then again at 17h00, both times at GMT/UTC.

On each of the following 4 regular Summit days (21 to 24 May), we will open up between 8 and 12 pre-recorded, 1 hour long interviews, panel discussions and case studies for FREE online viewing ... but only for a 24 hour period (from 0h00 to 23h59 GMT/UTC). 

If you have an All-Access Pass you can obviously watch these sessions anytime you choose and your focus would thus be on making sure you don't miss any of the LIVE sessions, which we will introduce next.

In addition to the pre-recorded sessions, we will also host between 1 and 3 LIVE sessions on each of the regular Summit days (from 21 to 24 May). 

Two of those will be dedicated to our sponsors who will introduce their services and provide more details about their special bonus offers for All-Access Pass holders.

The remaining sessions will feature a LIVE Q&A with up to 100 participants who come together to exchange thoughts on one specific burning topic. Each session is led by a subject matter expert.

Please note that you need to register separately to attend the opening session and keynote and also to participate in any of the the LIVE sessions!

Ok, that's all from a logistics point of view and its now time to plan your viewing schedule:

Day 1 (Sunday, 20 May, 0h00-23h59 GMT)

Day 2 (Monday, 21 May, 0h00-23h59 GMT)

Day 3 (Tuesday, 22 May, 0h00-23h59 GMT)

Day 4 (Wednesday, 23 May, 0h00-23h59 GMT)

Day 5 (Thursday, 24 May, 0h00-23h59 GMT)