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Steve McCann

Steve McCann
Partner and Consultant 

Rees McCann Partnership

Steve McCann has had a long and interesting international career involving management of and relationships with remote teams, some of them in the more complex and hostile parts of the world, in organisations and projects with more than just deadlines and profit margins at risk.

After a short commission in the UK military Steve took up a role in the UN involving logistic and security work in the Balkans during the conflict, followed by five more domestic years in project and management consultancy, that saw the start of his professional training career. In 2003 he set up Safer Edge, a boutique risk advisory business working in humanitarian type security all over the world, often in challenging places with teams working at great risk. 

Still the owner of Safe Edge, Steve handed over complete executive responsibility for the business to others in 2017 so that he could focus entirely on working with Judy Rees and developing what has become the Rees McCann Partnership.

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