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Robert Verhagen

Robert Verhagen
Business Technology Manager, Logo Print

I have been in the IT industry for going on 18 years, working in multiple roles: Programmer, IT Technician, Database Administrator, Systems Engineer, Website Administrator, Email campaign manager, among many other titles.

Having so much experience in all these roles, I am often faced with "Help I am too busy."

I apply a mixture of coping mechanisms ranging from a helpdesk for short term tasks (Spiceworks), for medium to long term tasks I use Kanban, popcorn flow and Gannt charts. Most of my tools are physical boards rather than digital implementations because our company believes in visually showing where the work is in the system, a number of other departments have also adopted my methods and adapted them successfully to solve their departmental needs and problems.

I also employ the use of root cause analysis to solve those very difficult problems and follow Stephen Covey's fourth quadrant to sort the urgency nature of all my tasks.

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