eXpander Star

Rika Myburg

Rika started her IT career at Nedbank in 1995 and spent 18 years in various IT leadership positions in the Banking and Agricultural industries.

During this period, she has played a major role as an IT change ambassador in various teams to establish new business functions across the various IT businesses, covering Risk and Process Management, Innovation, Business Intelligence and Digital Transformation.

At Nedbank, she fulfilled the role of a Divisional Technology Officer, which means the end-to-end IT accountability for three major business clusters.

Rika currently fulfill the position of Head of Information Technology at GWK, where the majority of the IT business resides under her control.

Due to her ability to adapt to new and sometimes controversial business concepts, she has been exposed to various major business initiatives and investigations hence gathering vast business knowledge and experience across IT.

Over and above this, Rika is a professional Life Coach and a dedicated long distance runner, with almost 60 marathons and ultra-marathons on her legs.

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