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Kanbanize is a Kanban Software for Lean Project Management that boosts efficiency, enables collaboration and helps track important metrics out of the box.  

Kanbanize supports mature Portfolio Kanban Implementations and delivers flexible, lean roadmaps, that will help scale Kanban beyond individual teams!

Solutions for IT Leaders

When it comes to breaking down business silos, software platforms stand at the forefront in enabling organizations to share and collaborate across department units.

One of the fundamental concepts in Kanbanize (which is incidentally very relevant to IT leaders), is the enablement of efficient Lean Project Management.

But it doesn't stop there, Kanbanize adds a portfolio layer which brings in Agile planning and coordination of business/IT projects at a strategic level. 

Sessions by Kanbanize

Benefits for All Summit Participants

All Summit participants will be entitled to an exclusive extended 3-month trial of Kanbanize instead of the regular one month trial.

This offer alone is worth about USD 500!  

[mbr_is_for tags=’Status – Summit – AAP’]If you are keen to give Kanbanize a real spin, just apply the promo code 4748498 when signing up for a Kanbanize trial. Then you are good to go for three months.[ELSE_is_for]If you are interested, check your Free Summit Welcome email or contact Xuviate directly to get a special promo code you can apply when you sign up for a Kanbanize trial.[/mbr_is_for]

Exclusive All-Access Pass Benefits

Another super valuable benefit we offer only to All-Access Pass subscribers is to get a dedicated consultation session with a Kanban expert on how to implement Portfolio Kanban in their organization.

Look for details in the private IT Leader Growth Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.