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Ingo Hallbauer

Ingo Hallbauer
IT Manager,

Ingo Hallbauer loves solving problems and troubleshooting, and so the IT industry suits him best.

His career started with a stack of throwaway university PCs that he turned into a functional home network - just for fun.

From there Ingo worked for  Hewlett Packard (HP) in Dublin for eight years while using Ireland as a platform to travel the world.

His career at HP  started by offering support to the German market and ended his last three years as a Server/SAN storage coach to the Nordic support teams.

Ingo returned to South Africa in 2009, and started work at IMQS Software as a Data Manager before progressing to his current IT Manager position.

The beautiful Stellenbosch area has become his final destination, and the place where he enjoys his bodyboarding, CrossFit and any ball you throw at him.

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