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Hendré Claassen

Hendré Claassen
Information Systems Manager, Fruitways

Hendré Claassen is constantly trying to reconcile his love for technology and business that continually seems to be at odds with each other.

Formally schooled in business with a degree in banking and an MBA from Stellenbosch University his love for computers ultimately landed him his first job as a software developer.

Today he is employed as an Information Systems Manager.

Hendré is an innovative leader with a passion for digital transformation, being agile, analytics and infrastructure.

Skilled at talking business and doing technology he is continually moving businesses towards their digital futures in a pragmatic way.

He has never written a book but have taken a stab at a 150-word bio written in the third person.

In his free time, he prefers not to get involved in saving the world as he is not particular good at it. 

He prefers spending time with family, reading and playing average chess.

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