44. Simplified Approach Towards Getting You to Digitally Transform

Starring:  Jean-Pierre Brits (Owner, Rubixile)
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Digital transformation is probably the number one topic in business at the moment.

The customer is a the center of it all. They are informed, enabled and empowered. And since we live in a globally connected economy they and come with demands and expectations fueled by your global competitors.

An analogy can be drawn between a Rubik's cube, your organization, its products and service offerings and digital transformation itself.

The key points of this analogy are:

- Consists of connected elements.
- Elements are connected in a value chain.
- The value chain can be viewed from different perspectives.
- Elements are continuously shuffled with in the value chain towards completion.

In this session Jean-Pierre will cover:
- Why it is all about the customer.
- How to initiate our digital transformation journey.
- Why a business model is important.
- Why it is important to take an MVP approach.

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