9. Replacing ‘Business Intelligence' with 'Intelligent Business’ - How IT departments can help change mindsets in mid-sized businesses

Starring: Paul Galland (Director and Value Creator at Flipside Enterprise Services)
Session Type: Expert

Forget the hype about big data, business intelligence, data lakes and predicative analytics.

Building a successful business is more about being smart about one's business rather than searching for answers in the data.

This is more true for middle-sized businesses than those at the larger end of town. Learn why its important to refocus your efforts from business intelligence solutions to a set of intelligent business solutions.

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  • Paul Galland says:

    Thanks Mathias and Mark for all the help in putting this together!

    • Mathias Tölken says:

      Thanks also to you, Paul. I really enjoyed our chat! You made some very pertinent points and I can just recommend that people watch this interview…

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