5. PopcornFlow: If Change Is Hard, Make It Continuous.

Starring: Claudio Perrone (Founder of Agile Sensei Consulting)
Episode Type: ​Expert

Improvement without change is impossible. Yet, most people think about change as big, slow and scary.

But what if you could make it infinitely small and learn to evolve fast, almost as fast as some of the most adaptive microorganisms on earth?

Enter PopcornFlow – an anti-fragile philosophy, principles and actionable techniques to help you fight personal and organizational inertia, introduce fast change and make better decisions under uncertainty through the design and execution of a continuous stream of small, traceable and safe-to-fail experiments.

Don’t get too comfortable with your own cozy routines and mental cages. For a new revolution is now on your doorstep.

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  • Bettina Horvath says:

    Thanks Claudio! This was a great session. Finally I know what Popcorn Flow is all about. Very exciting, I can just let you know, that I live my entire life that way. For me change is a constant and without it I get bored 😉
    And I love, love, love experimenting. To my clients I always say, we cannot be 100% sure what we want to do here is going to work exactly the way we want. So let’s try, check results, adjust and carry on. Popcorn flow really! Now I have a word for it and will use it more in future.

    • Claudio Perrone says:

      Great Bettina! Glad you liked it and found it valuable. I’m not surprised as PopcornFlow is a natural fit for marketing (among other fields) 🙂 In the end, its philosophy, principles and decision cycle boil down to: “So, how many experiments did I run last week? How many experiments am I running this week?” It’s really about embracing continuous change. My goal was to deliberately capture an antifragile mindset and build a system around it to help myself and others take rapid decisions and explore a world we can’t possibly understand.

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