46. Opening Keynote - The 10 Limiting Beliefs We All Need To Leave Behind

Starring:  Mark Geschke (CEO and Co-Founder of Xuviate)
Episode Type: Expert

Each of the 55 sessions of the IT Leader Growth Summit contains great insights and solutions to overcome particular challenges and help you grow.

Unfortunately, however, there is a good chance that you will only hear and see what agrees with your own beliefs of IT leadership in mid-sized businesses.

In many instances these beliefs help you to filter important information from not so important information, but occasionally they also limit your opportunity to open ourselves up for new ideas that could unlock huge growth.

In this presentation Mark highlights the 10 most limiting beliefs he has observed while working with IT leaders from mid-sized businesses.

Doesn’t matter if you are in a tactical, operational or strategic IT leadership role, even if there is one limiting belief you will challenge as a result of this, the time spent watching this 30 minute presentation will have been worth your while.

Warning: It is not easy to identify and change a limiting belief!

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  • Ingo Hallbauer says:

    Thanks Mark and Mathias for this session. What a pleasure to have such valuable and useful guidance on helping us grow as IT leaders.

  • Hendre Claassen says:

    What an accurate breakdown of the things that plague IT leaders in SME’s. Spot on Mark.

  • Johan Pretorius says:

    Mark, You are 100% right. People tend to get bogged down by their old, outdated frames of references instead of experimenting and expanding them. People are too scared (too busy) to take the leap of faith and try something new, even if the outcome is uncertain.

    I really hope that all these testimonies and knowledge everyone is sharing on the concepts and the results of trying “new” things (actually old things applied in a new ways) creates the momentum and ultimately an unstoppable drive from IT leaders to affect transformation within their businesses.

    I sincerely believe that this message should be taken to heart by everyone and they should at least start by reading the “Phoenix Project”. That book really did hit a nerve and opened my mind to different ways of thinking.

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