55. Let's Chat About the Evolution of Information Management - with Paul Galland

Starring: Paul Galland (Director and Value Creator, Flipside Enterprise Services)
Episode Type: Mastermind

Have a look what other IT leaders asked Paul about this topic. Do these insights also apply to you? Is here maybe an answer to a question you always wanted to ask, but did not yet have the chance to?

  • Should we keep all data and for how long?
  • Does the cloud vs on-site discussion influence your data strategy?
  • How does compliance, legal and security play into these decisions?
  • How should you approach Master Data Management?
  • Is data analysis in all its forms really the panacea it is touted to be?
  • Are AI and machine learning going to materially change the playing field?
  • And why is the human component still so important?

This session gave a glimpse of the power of a Mastermind Group by not only "Asking The Expert", but also engaging with other IT Leaders during this multi-party video session.

Listen to this episode: