52. Let's Chat About Personal Development - with Bettina Horvath

Starring: Bettina Horvath (Trainer/Consultant at Protea Training)
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Have a look what other IT leaders asked Bettina about this topic. Do these insights also apply to you? Is here maybe an answer to a question you always wanted to ask, but did not yet have the chance to?

  • Why is personal development important?
  • What makes you tick? Who do you want to be in future? What kind of person is this? And what do you need to do to become this person?
  • How can we "future proof" ourselves and our career in the light of the looming technological upheaval?
  • How do you approach this and what are the options?
  • What is "applied improv" and how can it help with personal and team development?

This session gave a great glimpse of the power of a Mastermind Group by not only "Asking The Expert", but also engaging with other IT Leaders during this multi-party video session.

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