20. How Best to Engage With Consultants? - Tips & Tricks From a Group of Practitioners

Episode Type: Panel

To be exact, these are a few members of the Xuviate DXP Mastermind Group, where DXP stands for Digital Transformation Practitioner.

They are a global group of just under 20 Practitioners from 9 countries, 4 continents and 15 time zones who meet every 2 weeks for 2h in a Mastermind session.

All members of this group do have 15+ years experience.

Some of them have been consultants for most of their career, but the majority have previously worked "on the other side of the fence" - mainly in IT departments in corporates and mid-sized organisations.

For this session we did deviate a bit from the usual session program and Mathias picked their brain to get some tips and tricks on how to best engage with consultants. 

Listen to this episode:

Bettina Horvath
Protea Training

Claudio Perrone
Agile Sensei Consulting

Mark Geschke
CEO and Co-Founder Xuviate

Paul Hayes
Product Development Consultant

Susanne Hellweg
Agile Coach & Remote Work Consultant,
Susanne Hellweg Consulting

Tim Dixon
Chief Vision Officer,

AQnx Inc.