34. Cybersecurity – The Best Defense is a Good Offense

May 17, 2018


With the rise of cybercrime at the moment, we cannot sit back and fall victims to these criminals any longer.

In this talk we will discuss cybersecurity and a set of techniques we can employ to protect our systems availability,

integrity and data secrecy against the wide range of threats inherited when connecting to the internet.

Listen to this episode:

Desmond Torr
Cloud and Security Specialist,

IEIT CyberLogic

Jodrico Jansen van Vuuren
Cloud Infrastructure Manager,
IEIT CyberLogic

About the author

Business Agility Coach | Abundance Thinker | Helping Mid-Market Companies Evolve by Using the Kanban Methodology
- As trained Industrial Engineer with close on 25 years' experience as IT Professional and Business Executive in the mid-market IT industry, Mathias Tölken loves to share his experiences and expertise with others.

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