86. Kanban Maturity Model

Starring: Teodora Bozheva (Lean Kanban Trainer and Coach, Berriprocess)
Episode Type: Business Agility 5x5


In April 2018 Kanban University launched the Beta release of the Kanban Maturity Model. Since then, for more than a year already, it has been validated in several companies of different size, domain and country. David J. Anderson and Teodora Bozheva are now using the acquired knowledge to update the model and make it more straightforward to use for developing the agility at enterprise level.

Release 1.0 is expected in November this year.

We talk with Teodora Bozheva about what is new in the model.

Individual Sessions:

All organisations go through similar maturity levels when implementing Kanban. Where are you at? And how can this model help you to make better decisions as to the next steps? In this first of five 5-minute videos, Teodora gives a quick overview what the KMM is all about.

How, what, when and why? In this second 5-minute video, Teodora gives some insight into how she has seen the KMM used by the beta testers and what the most profound outcomes were.

SDMs, PMs and similar roles probably get the most value out of KMM according to Teodora. How so? Find out in this third 5-minute video in our mini-interview series.

KMM Version 1.0 is going to be launched in November 2019, but much of the visual material can already be downloaded. In this 5-minute video Teodora gives an overview of what is available, where to find it, what you will get and who will probably like which tool most.

Now that we know what the KMM is about, the next question is how to get started! In this last video – this times 7 minutes long – Teodora gives some very practical advice on how to start with and and how to strengthen the application of the KMM.

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