85. Persona Value Mapping

September 23, 2019


Persona Value Mapping is a concept that Craig Armour, Principal at K C Armour & Co, has coined. In this series of five 5-minute videos Craig himself gives us an introduction into what this is all about, how it is built on the Jobs to be Done framework and also gives a few examples on where you can best apply PVM.

Individual Sessions:

What is Persona Value Mapping and why should we care? Everybody perceives value differently and in this first of five 5 minute videos Craig gives a bit of an overview why it is so important to understand who your stakeholders are and what is valuable to them.

Those who know him will know that Craig is well known to always ask what the “jobs to be done” are? In this 5 minute video Craig gives an introduction to the 4 forces, and 3 types of needs defined under this framework that was originally created at Harvard Business School.

In this third 5 minute video Craig goes into the meat of the matter and (literally) sketches what PVM is all about.

But how do we practically apply Persona Value Mapping? In this fourth 5 minute video, Craig shows us how to go about creating an “outside-in” view to mapping and aligning needs of the stakeholders around the business.

We in the previous video looked at applying PVM to an external business setting. Can it also be used internally for projects? In this last 5 minute video Craig is showing that this method lends itself to this as well.

Listen to the podcast:

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