83. Remote Meetings Don’t Have to Suck

September 7, 2019


Remote meetings don’t have to suck. You don't have to be baffled or bored. You don't have to struggle through talk-over-PowerPoint.

Remote working and virtual teams are becoming the norm and effective remote meetings can help you get more done and generally increase your business agility.

You really can connect with real human beings remotely, using the technology that's available to you.

This eXpander Episode with Judy Rees, gives you a few action points you can directly apply.

Individual Sessions:

In this first session we are discussing the reason for meetings in general and then we go a bit deeper to look at the differences and similarities between physical and remote meetings. Lastly Judy gives some important directives on how to make a remote meeting significant.

In this session Judy is giving some advice on what a great online meeting looks like and how one could measure the quality. If you are successful, people might even stop calling it a meeting altogether…

Are you a good in-person facilitator, but don’t believe that online meetings you host can come even close? In this session Judy is providing some tricks how to use your facilitator superpowers online and how to get your attendees to contribute to the overall meeting success.

The single biggest problem of online meetings is probably that it is so easy for people to do other things. This is a challenge you have to overcome. But there are others and Judy is touching on several in this session.

What constitutes a hybrid meeting and why do they tend to be horrible? In this session Judy is exploring this topic and gives some advice on how to overcome the natural barrier that exists and how to make the meeting valuable for all attendees.

Listen to the podcast:

About the author

Business Agility Coach | Abundance Thinker | Helping Mid-Market Companies Evolve by Using the Kanban Methodology
- As trained Industrial Engineer with close on 25 years' experience as IT Professional and Business Executive in the mid-market IT industry, Mathias Tölken loves to share his experiences and expertise with others.

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