82. Transform IT Into a Strategic Business Partner

April 23, 2019


Every company needs to invest in its digital leadership to thrive during the uncertain times that lie ahead. Especially in mid-market companies, there is one role that is perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between technology and business - the IT Leader. And in the past year or two, one tool has emerged as the proverbial "swiss army knife for the IT Leader" - Kanban.

Xuviate together with Kanbanize hosted a series of three Lean Coffee style webinars on Kanban-related topics and for this third episode our topic was "How to Transform IT Into a Strategic Business Partner" and we were privileged to host Jason Sichkaryk, IT Director at Rosenau Transport Ltd in Edmonton, Canada. Jason over the past few years has had an exhilarating journey from technical resource to strategic IT Leader and in this session answered questions of the audience and shared many tips, tricks, insights and also several dead-ends he came across.

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About the author

Business Agility Coach | Abundance Thinker | Helping Mid-Market Companies Evolve by Using the Kanban Methodology
- As trained Industrial Engineer with close on 25 years' experience as IT Professional and Business Executive in the mid-market IT industry, Mathias Tölken loves to share his experiences and expertise with others.

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