79. Kanban for Personal Productivity

Starring: Dimitar Karaivanov  (CEO of Kanbanize)
Episode Type: Lean Coffee


Almost every IT Leader we speak to is snowed under. Projects are piling up and there are never enough hours in a day (and this often already includes loads of overtime). Work/Life Balance - what is that? And then there is the topic of personal and professional development - where does that fit into an already impossible schedule?

Xuviate together with Kanbanize is hosting a series of four Lean Coffee style webinars on Kanban-related topics.

For this second episode, Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO of Kanbanize, answers the following (and many more) questions:

  • Is Kanban applicable for personal use?
  • How does Personal Kanban differ from methodologies like "Getting Things Done", Inbox Zero and the multitude of other productivity tools on the market?
  • How would I best get started with Personal Kanban?
  • I am using Personal Kanban. Can you provide some tips and tricks that in your experience make a big difference?
  • Are there any books & tools you could recommend?

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