72. Rethinking Agile - Why Agile Teams Have Nothing to Do With Business Agility

Starring: Dr. Klaus Leopold (Computer Scientist & Kanban Pioneer| LEANability)
Episode Type: Expert


In his new book, Klaus describes how a company prepared their agile transition in exemplary fashion: 600 employees reorganized into cross-functional teams, their work visualized and practically perfect Standups and Retrospectives held. The result: Time-to-Market for the products became worse – and not a trace of business agility.

He also makes a controversial claim: Do not start by making teams agile – this will save your nerves and lots of money!

During their discussion, Mathias and Klaus delve a bit deeper into this statement and Klaus introduces his model of three Flight Levels. They also specifically look at (mid-market) companies who are only starting out on their journey, how to approach such a situation and which flight level you should be initially focusing on to prevent heading down a dead end to begin with.

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