69. Lean Management - Operational Excellence as a Business Strategy

Starring: Gerard Chiva (Managing Director | Co-founder | Business Consultant | Executive Coach at Aktia Solutions)
Episode Type: Expert

Most of us think of strategy as reaching a new market, developing new products or acquiring companies. Whilst that is true, the first and most important strategy any organization should be focusing on is operational excellence.

If your processes are full of drama, if you are slow, with quality problems and low productivity, it doesn’t really matter your breakthrough strategy; you won’t be able to compete.

Agile was born to solve these execution problems in software development. However, after 15 years of the famous Agile Manifesto, very few companies have been able to really benefit from Agile.

Many managers and executives do not even want to hear about Agile anymore.

We have been reinventing the wheel and creating models and frameworks which don’t work. Or which are poorly implemented due to lack of understanding of the underlying principles of LEAN THINKING.

There are a few basic things you need to do in order to achieve a strategic breakthrough, everything else is just patches or pretending to be.

Today we will see what are the traps of Agile and how to succeed by applying fundamental principles of Lean Thinking.