65. The Kanban Maturity Model - Advancing From Level 1 to 4 With Kanbanize

Starring: Alex Novkov (Content Lead at Kanbanize)
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In our second part of the "mini-series" on the Kanban Maturity Model, we will be privileged to welcome Alex Novkov from Kanbanize "on stage".

The Kanban Maturity Model is a fantastic resource for leaders that want to achieve business agility, deliver on customer expectations, and achieve predictable economic outcomes. The 7 levels of the model contain a total number of 132 evolving sub-practices regarding visualization, limiting work in progress, managing flow, making policies explicit, establishing feedback loops and achieving continuous improvement.

In this session, we're going to see many of them in practice. We will embark on an hour-long journey through maturity levels 1 to 4. For this purpose, we're going to use Kanbanize, a lean management platform supporting mature end-to-end Kanban implementation.

To start us off, Alex will give us a short introduction and then we will open the floor for questions and more hands-on demonstration.

[Please note that this is the second of a two-session mini-series. In Episode 64  Teodora Bozheva and David J. Anderson, the authors of the Kanban Maturity Model give an introduction to the model and how it can help mid-size organizations become more adaptive and competitive.]

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