63. Implementing Project (Portfolio) Management And Continuous Improvement

November 28, 2018


In this session, Mark Calvert, Head of IT at Data Orbis, is relating many of the milestones, big and small wins, but also pitfalls that he had to navigate in the past two years since starting a drive to centrally coordinate all improvement projects in their company.

What started as an initiative driven by him as part of the operational management team has over time become a semi-dedicated project management role with regular meetings with all stakeholders.

More recently they also got into the position to have the capacity to kick off the first continuous improvement drive.

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Business Agility Coach | Abundance Thinker | Helping Mid-Market Companies Evolve by Using the Kanban Methodology
- As trained Industrial Engineer with close on 25 years' experience as IT Professional and Business Executive in the mid-market IT industry, Mathias Tölken loves to share his experiences and expertise with others.

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