58. From Technician to IT Infrastructure Manager and Beyond…

Starring: Emile van den Berg (Head of IT Operational Services at GWK Ltd)
Episode Type: 
Case study

Being more than 15 years in the IT industry, Emile has been around the block several times.

In this session he is sharing some of his background and we discussed the differences between having been at several ICT service providers and now being part of an internal IT team, between having worked for corporates vs now in a mid-market organisation and between having spent most of his time in and around cities to now work in a rural setting. 

We also delved a bit into his own focus change from being a technician to now leading a team and how he had and constantly has to change his mindset.

And lastly we touched a bit on the future and how the three GWK IT leaders are approaching the next steps for IT to enable the business to thrive.

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