eXpander Star

Deni Gencheva
Web Developer,

After graduating from the faculty of Mathematics and Informatics in 2013, Deni started working with a Finnish outsourcing company.
At university, she mastered the Waterfall approach of project management, and her first job exposed her to the Agile principles for the first time.
She became a part of a multinational Scrum team in a construction company operating in about 10 European countries. Until 2017 she worked on more than 15 different projects as lead developer or in a support capacity. By the time she left, Deni knew how to say "switch it off and on again" in 5 different languages.
At the beginning of 2017, she decided to change her way of work completely and joined Kanbanize, a product company, embracing and working exclusively according to Lean principles and beliefs.
Being one of the two lead developers for Flow-e, Deni can write Flow-e’s code with her eyes closed.

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