Day 3 Agenda – 22 May 2018

Live Sessions for the Day

The following three sessions were scheduled LIVE and will be available as recordings to All-Access Pass holders after the Summit concludes.

Johan Pretorius
ICT Manager,

Live Session Completed

49. Let's Chat About Digital Transformation - with Johan Pretorius

Topic Type: IT Leadership and Management Skills
Session Type: Mastermind
IT Leadership Focus: Strategic

Scheduled for: 07h00 (GMT/UTC) on 22 May 2018 (View in Your Time Zone)

- Is IT-led Digital Transformation possible?
- How would one approach it and what are the prerequisites?
- Are there any tips, tricks and tools that help along the journey?
Get a glimpse of the power of a Mastermind Group by not only "Asking The Expert", but also engaging with other IT Leaders during this multi-party video session.

Yasen (Jason) Spasov
Customer Success Lead,

Live Session Completed

50. Lean IT Operations with Kanbanize - Q&A with Yasen (Jason) Spasov

Topic Type: Fast Execution
Session Type: Sponsor / Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Tactical
Scheduled for: 15h00 (GMT/UTC) on 22 May 2018 (View in Your Time Zone)

Kanbanize is a Kanban Software for Lean Management that helps you visualize your work and instantly see project status.
Boosted with an arsenal of Business Rules and Premium Analytics, teams can track dependencies, make their workflow more predictable and deliver much faster.
Kanbanize gives the toolkit to manage the constant flow of planned and unplanned requests so teams can communicate conflicts and manage throughput more effectively.

Tom Hendricksen
Speaker, Coach, and Author,

Live Session Completed

51. Let's Chat About Your IT Career - with Tom Henricksen

Topic Type: Career & Personal Growth
Session Type: Mastermind
IT Leadership Focus: Tactical

Scheduled for: 17h00 (GMT/UTC) on 22 May 2018 (View in Your Time Zone)

Have a look what other IT leaders asked Tom about this topic. Do these insights also apply to you? Is here maybe an answer to a question you always wanted to ask, but did not yet have the chance to?
-Which courses and education options are "in" and what applies to me?
- What is a "T-shaped" individual and why should you be one?
- What is the effect of technology on the future labour market and what does that mean for my career?
- Is networking important and if yes, then with whom?
This session gave a glimpse of the power of a Mastermind Group by not only "Asking The Expert", but also engaging with other IT Leaders during this multi-party video session.

Pre-Recorded Sessions for the Day

The following sessions have been recorded and edited prior to the Summit and will be available for 24 hours to all Summit attendees, starting from 22 May 00h00 (GMT/UTC)(View in Your Time Zone). Continued access after this window period is reserved for All-Access Pass holders.

Andrew Smith
Director, ApplxBridge

2. Cyber Threats - Is Your Organisation as Secure as You Think It Is?

Topic Type: Data and Network Security
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Tactical

In this session Andrew explains how there are 7 layers to data security ... and that knowing how to approach each of them is critical to ensuring the security of any organisation!
Are some less important than others?
Which ones should one focus on first?

Stephan Meyer
Denkstelle Consulting

6. Instructions for Being Unreasonable - How to Embrace an Innovative Mindset and, Incidentally, Change the World.

Topic Type: ​​Digital Transformation
Session Type: Expert​
IT Leadership Focus: ​​Strategic

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.“ George Bernard Shaw
You want to create an innovation?
Then you must be unreasonable!
But how can you do that?
Or in academic terms: What mindset is needed for generating innovations?
It seems as though we are usually too reasonable to be innovative.
How can you cure that?
Let Stephan Meyer present to you five mindsets of successful "unreasonable" people.

Philippe Guenet
Principal Consultant/ Founder, Henko

8. Busting the Agile Jargon - A Common Sense Approach to Digital Change

Topic Type: Fast Execution
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Strategic

If you are an IT leader in a mid-sized business, chances are good that you are scratching your head about all the Lean/Agile jargon that is floating around, yet you want to make progress on the Digital agenda. You know there is a huge opportunity for improving efficiencies in your IT department and organising for digital innovation, but where do you start?
A must-see session for IT leaders who are just starting with their digital change project and implement a Lean-Agile operating model as well as for more advanced IT leaders who want to brush up on generic concepts.

Martijn Aslander Technology Philosopher & International Speaker,
Permanent Beta

15. The So-Called 4th Industrial Revolution Has Nothing To Do With Industries

Topic Type: Digital Transformation (DX)
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Strategic

In this session Martijn will talk about his passion: the impact of the Network- and Information Age on the nearby future of work and organisations.
A lot of people talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution, but to him, this so called revolution has NOTHING to do with industries.
The rapid evolvement of interconnected people, ideas and information leads to a fundamentally different way of approaching and solving problems worldwide.
A lot of businesses (and governments) exist, because of friction in markets that can be capitalised.

Judy Rees
Team Development Consultant

18. How to Ask the Right Questions

Topic Type: ​IT Leadership & Management Skills
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: ​​​Tactical

Abstract:  IT leaders need to deliver the right solutions, quickly, in order to be seen as credible partners within their organisations. And to do that, they need to ask the right questions, in the right way.
With the right questions, you gain greater clarity, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts. You become more proficient at managing and influencing relationships with key stakeholders.
This leads to higher quality projects, faster development cycles and more satisfied customers, employees and partners.
But how, specifically, do you ask the *right* questions? That's what you'll learn in this session.

Adam Shapiro
Director, Autopilot Workflow Solutions

22. Why Should I Automate Our Business Processes, and Where Do I Start?

Topic Type: Fast Execution
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Operational

Adam discusses the need and benefits of process automation.
- Do I need a system?
- What are the benefits?
- Where do I start?
This session will give some insight into our experience in the field of process automation.

24. We Just Lost a Key Staff Member, What Now? - IT Leaders Discuss Their Short and Long-Term Coping Strategies

Topic Type: ​​IT Leadership & Management Skills
Session Type: Panel
IT Leadership Focus: Tactical

Sometimes a key member of the team leaves, sometimes they are "just" off sick for an extended period.
How do you deal with this situation?
The short and long-term strategies will usually be different. How?
And what if the business decides not to replace this member of staff? What does this mean for you and the team?

Mike Burrows

31. Managing Change in the 21st Century

Topic Type: Fast Execution
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Strategic

Nearly two decades into the 21st century and with nearly as much time passed since the Agile manifesto was written, what have we learned about change? Which is better: “top down”, with the challenge of overcoming resistance to change, or “bottom up”, perhaps never gathering momentum?
Is it indeed a dichotomy, or can we find a third way for organizational transformation that is simultaneously respectful, ambitious, and sustainable? We’ll explore a synthesis of ideas and techniques old and new, identifying along the way some widely-held beliefs that are now well past their sell-by date.

Bettina Horvath
Protea Training

32. Developing the Leader in IT-leader

Topic Type: ​Career & Personal Growth
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Tactical

IT development is fast moving away from being in a facilitator role that simply supports an organisation to achieve their goals.
Today IT has to drive change and growth in companies. IT-leaders are more and more asked to sit at the strategic table and help move the company forward. Thus they need to move out of a managerial role and into a leadership role.
They are tasked with finding high quality people and keeping them and help develop the company’s vision. In this session we discuss how to go about developing their own leadership skills.

Jason Sichkaryk
IT Manager,
Rosenau Transport

36. DX from the bottom up – How to Start a Digital Transformation Without Support of the Executives

Topic Type: ​Digital Transformation (DX)
Session Type: Case Study
IT Leadership Focus: Tactical

Jason Sichkaryk shares his journey over the past years and how he managed to get all the more buy-in from the business for his vision for the organisation.
It was definitely not all plain-sailing and the transformation is ongoing, but Jason learned many important lessons along the way and shares them in this session to give others a head-start and some encouragement.

Nico Fourie
National Director of ICT

41. Our Journey: Building a Progressive IT Function in a Growing Auditing Organisation

Topic Type: ​​IT Leadership & Management Skills
Session Type: Case Study
IT Leadership Focus: Operational

In this session Nico shares with us his personal journey at BDO South Africa over the past decade and how the business slowly changed from a relatively small regional auditor to a nationwide auditing firm with international ties. He relates what that meant to the IT Department and the steps it took to get IT into the position of trusted partner to the business.