Day 2 Agenda – 21 May 2018

Live Sessions for the Day

The following three sessions were scheduled LIVE and will be available as recordings to All-Access Pass holders after the Summit concludes. 

Craig Armour
K C Armour & Co

Live Session Completed

47. Let's Chat About Agile - with Craig Armour

Topic Type: Fast Execution
Session Type: 
IT Leadership Focus: 
Scheduled for: 07h00 (GMT/UTC) on 21 May 2018 (View in Your Time Zone)

Have a look what other IT leaders asked Craig about this topic. Do these insights also apply to you? Is here maybe an answer to a question you always wanted to ask, but did not yet have the chance to?
Do you need explanation of some Agile concepts?
Is Agile only feasible for software development or also in IT operations?
Not sure if / how Agile applies for your mid-market IT team?
Where and how should you start?
Is it okay to fail?
This session gave a glimpse of the power of a Mastermind Group by not only "Asking The Expert", but also engaging with other IT Leaders during this multi-party video session.

Live Session Completed

48. Let's Chat About (Advanced) Lean / Kanban - with Dimitar Karaivanov

Topic Type: Fast Execution
Session Type: Mastermind
IT Leadership Focus: Operational
Scheduled for: 17h00 (GMT/UTC) on 21 May 2018 (View in Your Time Zone)

What is a Lean Transformation Roadmap?
- How do you start?
- How do you advance and sustain the results?
- Which are the most common mistakes and are there established good practices?
- Would you like more information about the Lean Transformation Roadmap? (See also the following article. There's a great infographic that you can refer to as well.)

Have a look what other IT leaders asked Dimitar about this topic. Do these insights also apply to you? Is here maybe an answer to a question you always wanted to ask, but did not yet have the chance to?

This session gave a great glimpse of the power of a Mastermind Group by not only "Asking The Expert", but also engaging with other IT Leaders during this multi-party video session.

Pre-Recorded Sessions for the Day

​​​​The following sessions have been recorded and edited prior to the Summit and will be available for 24 hours to all Summit attendees, starting from 21 May 00h00 (GMT/UTC)(View in Your Time Zone). Continued access after this window period is reserved for All-Access Pass holders.

Johan Pretorius
ICT Manager,

4. The Need for Speed. How We Doubled IT Team Throughput Within 3 Days by Implementing Kanban.

Topic Type: Fast Execution
Session Type: Case Study
IT Leadership Focus: Operational

Johan recounts how they literally overnight transformed an IT team with low morale into an impressive service delivery unit!
The title sounds like magic, but Johan explains exactly how anyone can achieve such outcomes by using decidedly low-tech tools and some easy concepts.

Paul Galland
Director and Value Creator, Flipside Enterprise Services

9. Replacing ‘Business Intelligence' with 'Intelligent Business’ - How IT departments can help change mindsets in mid-sized businesses

Topic Type: ​Process Automation and Analytics
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: ​​Strategic

Forget the hype about big data, business intelligence, data lakes and predicative analytics.
Building a successful business is more about being smart about one's business rather than searching for answers in the data.
This is more true for middle-sized businesses than those at the larger end of town. Learn why its important to refocus your efforts from business intelligence solutions to a set of intelligent business solutions.

Monica Georgieff
Freelance Lean / Agile Coach & Marketer

10. More Than Just a Visual Board! - Intro to Kanban

Topic Type: Fast Execution
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Operational

If you are an IT manager or CIO that has heard the word 'Kanban' thrown around your professional circuit and want to learn more - this is for you!
The common misconception is that Kanban is merely a task board that helps you visualize your work.
Kanban happens to be much more than that and the way to exploit its potential is to apply it in full!
The Kanban method encompasses the principles of the Lean methodology, aspects of Agile and six core practices that help teams achieve their efficiency goals.
We will go over the history of the method, the first steps to applying it as well as the benefits and challenges you can expect as a new Kanban practitioner.

16. Women in IT Leadership

Topic Type: IT Leadership & Management Skills
Session Type: Panel
IT Leadership Focus: Operational

Four Panelists, all women who have worked in or with IT for 15+ years, share their experiences of often being the only female team members and how the situation changed over time, by company size and as they climbed the ranks.
Is it really just about equality or can we embrace our differences? And what are these female traits?
And lastly we discussed how women can support other women throughout their career.

Karyn Greenstreet President,
The Success Alliance

17. The Power of Mastermind Groups - Speed Up Professional and Personal Growth

Topic Type: ​Career & Personal Growth
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: ​​Operational

The latest must-have key to success: Mastermind Groups.
The popularity of mastermind groups and peer coaching is growing as people just like you are finding the success they want through sharing best practices with your peers.
Whatever your concern – leadership, managing a team, career development, strategic decision-making, or mindset – a mastermind group can support your growth in your personal and professional life.
Why go alone when you can have your peers support you?

Mike Sisco
Founder & CEO,
MDE Enterprises, Inc.

19. Attack the Triple Threat to IT Success™ to Achieve More

Topic Type: ​IT Leadership & Management Skills
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Operational

There are three main reasons why an IT organization fails, and each of these issues can do major damage to your career.
Learn what the three threats to IT success are and put in simple preventive measures to improve the success of any IT organization.
BONUS materials that complement the information provided will be made available to download.

23. Increasing IT Team Performance - IT Leader Mastermind Group Participants Share Their Top Tips, Tricks and Tools That Made a Difference for Them and Their Teams.

Topic Type: ​IT Staff Management
Session Type: Panel
IT Leadership Focus: Tactical

Abstract: A subset of the IT Leaders representing one of the Xuviate IT Leader Mastermind Groups, who meet every 2 weeks for 2h in a Mastermind session, weigh in with their experiences.
All members of this group are IT Leaders in mid-market companies.
For this recording we deviated a bit from our usual session program and picked their brain to get some tips and tricks on the topic.
This is a topic that every IT Leader would know and we have regularly got hotseats that discuss it or a derivative.

Armin Wieland Founder, 
V5 Digital

28. My DX Journey – What I Would Do Again and What Not If I Could Start Over

Topic Type: ​​Digital Transformation (DX)
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Strategic

Digital Transformation has been a trending topic over the last few years.
Many organizations have jumped to take advantage of the opportunity, but many have failed to make a real impact and have subsequently de-tuned or even totally abandoned their Digital Transformations efforts.
But quite a few have shown tremendous success that make news headlines, make great case studies and will make shareholders smile.
Armin has lead the Digital Transformation Program at a mid-sized Group of Companies and will share insights on what went well, roadblocks on the way and will give advice to Digital change Leaders in organizations if he could start all over again.

29. How Do I Get to the Next Level in My Career? - IT Leaders Discuss Several Options Open to Them

Topic Type: ​Career & Personal Growth
Session Type: Panel
IT Leadership Focus: Tactical

It is relatively easy to map out a career progression for a technical resource. It is a different kettle of fish to do the same for an IT Leader in a mid-sized organisation.
Is an MBA the only option to make the jump into the management suite?
What about formal short-courses, online learning or just-in-time internet research?
Should you get yourself a mentor or coach?
Does peer-coaching provide lasting value?
Or is maybe job-hopping to break through a glass ceiling a viable alternative?
How should I plan and map out my next steps?

Susanne Hellweg
Agile Coach & Remote Work Consultant,
Susanne Hellweg Consulting

33. Remote Teams - Practical Advice on setting up and developing Remote Agile Teams

Topic Type: ​IT Staff Management
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: ​​Operational

Agile work, especially SCRUM emphasizes building co-located teams. But the reality of a lot of companies is different. Remote Teamwork has become more of the norm and a lot of teams work in some form distributed.
In this session we will look at some practical steps you can undertake and tips you can use to set up or develop your remote teams. Distribution can work very well, but different factors have to be taken into consideration when working remote.

Charles Araujo Industry Analyst, Author & Professional Speaker
Institute for Digital Transformation

39. The New Human Age - Why Embracing Your Humanness Is the Key to Transforming Your Life, Reshaping Your Organization and Thriving in a Technology-Driven World

Topic Type: ​​Emerging Technologies
Session Type: Expert
IT Leadership Focus: Strategic

How do you have an impact in your career, within your organization — in your life — at a time in which machines are seemingly running everything?
The post-industrial ‘Digital Era’ is fundamentally changing everything we know about how the world works. A new generation of smart machines, powered by artificial intelligence and algorithms are changing how we work and live. The simple, pre-ordained pathways of the Industrial Age are no longer available to us. We must chart a new course for ourselves and our organizations to find purpose and profit in a very different world.
But the answer is not as simple as just becoming more technology savvy or merely changing the way we work. In a future in which we will automate anything we can reduce to an algorithm, you must embrace the very qualities that make us human and rediscover three surprising skills that will unleash the creativity, imagination and empathy that machines do not possess. In fact, the secret to your success and fulfillment — and the success of any team or organization you lead — will not be in merely becoming more ‘digital,’ but in embracing your humanness to find your digital purpose in the new human age.