Day 1 Agenda – 20 May 2018

Summit Opening(s) & Keynote(s)

On 20 May, Mathias and Mark, your Summit hosts will officially get the IT Leader Growth Summit 2018 under way.

They will start with a welcome and brief introductions as well as a quick overview of what to expect and how to plan your sessions for the next few days.  

Immediately following this Mark will launch into the main event of the day which is a keynote with the title  "The 10 Limiting Beliefs We All Need To Leave Behind".

This webinar will nicely frame the GROWTH mindset and FAST EXECUTION mega theme you will hear so much about during the Summit.

To give all our viewers from around the world a chance to watch this opening session at a convenient time we have decided to run this 90 minute session twice, at 07h00 and 19h00 GMT/UTC.

To help with logistics (funny how even online conferences have this!), please make sure you register for the relevant session at a time that suits you.

Opening Welcome and Keynote 1

Scheduled For:

07h00-08h00 GMT/UTC

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Session Completed

Opening Welcome and Keynote 2

Mathias Tölken
Summit Host

Mark Geschke
Summit Host

Repeat of Session
"Opening Welcome
and Keynote 1"

Scheduled For:

17h00-18h00 GMT/UTC

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Session Completed