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Mastermind Capacity: 17/20
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Doesn't matter if you are a digital transformation (DX), lean, Agile, technology, change management or innovation consultant, we all want to help our customers move forward with confidence and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

While this on the one hand creates huge opportunity for us as independent consultants to mid-sized businesses, it also means that we need to spend more and more time just to stay relevant ourselves.

Joining a mastermind (peer-learning) group has long been known as one of the most effective ways to quickly assimilate new information and accelerate growth.  For the first time ever, this platform is now available to an international audience of established digital transformation practitioners.

What is even more exciting is that Mark and Mathias, long-time Mastermind facilitators and DX Sensei, host the bi-weekly, two-hour video sessions free of charge simply because they believe in the transformative power of regularly interacting with a trusted group of peers.

Since spots are limited (only 3 more availabe at this point)  we unfortunately need to be quite selective before adding new applicants to the waiting list or adding them to the group. 

If you believe that you could benefit and contribute to such a group, the first step would be to register your interest by submitting the form on the right hand side. On submit we will review your details and get in touch about the next steps in the selection process.