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Concerned About Your Lack of Experience?

You are convinced your business needs Kanban to become more Agile. But what comes next? How should you lead this transformation? There is so much to know and you probably feel overwhelmed. Is this your situation? Find out by checking whether you are happy with your answers on the following questions: 

  • Still trying to get to grips with all things Lean / Agile / Kanban?
  • Do you struggle to set good, actionable goals for your Kanban implementation?
  • Do you get a lot of resistance, with many who take a wait and see approach?
  • Do you feel alone and have nobody to talk things through?
  • When you move on, will your unit be significantly better off than when you started?
  • Are you worried about how little of what you do actually matters in the big picture?

My coaching sessions helped me to take the big leap in our change journey. Great private sounding board and expert advice; the support every leader deserves.

MAREZELLE WILLEMSE, Specialist Manager: Dev & Apps at GWK

You Can Expect These Benefits

Focus On the Big Picture

Leverage the knowledge and experience of your coach to refine where you want to go and what guard rails you have to put in place to help your teams get there.

Clarify Your Thoughts

Use your coach as a sounding board to get early feedback on which of your ideas are probably crazy and which would warrant more time and investment.

Make a Difference

You know there could be more to your job than just the daily grind. It is your job to find out what that is, but with our outside perspective we can certainly help.

Meet Kanbanize, Our Favourite Kanban Tool

One of the most significant shortcomings of conventional Kanban trainings is that you still have to figure out how to implement what you have learned using your own Kanban software.

Even worse, not every Kanban tool is equally powerful and sometimes even standard Kanban practices can only be implemented using workarounds.

This is why we have partnered deeply with Kanbanize and standardised on their tool for all visualisations and demonstrations.  

If your organisation doesn't yet have a Kanbanize license, you can click here to associate with Xuviate as your Kanbanize partner and start a 3-month trial (instead of the usual 1-month trial).

Serious Results In Just 3 Steps

Find Out More

Every Kanban journey is unique. Which is why we encourage you to talk to us about your specific needs. Why worry alone if we can collaborate?


What do you expect from
the agreement, what other services are required, who will be your coach and how often will we meet, are important questions we need to answer next.

Follow Through

Much depends on being present and focused during every session. Equally important is to always do what you said you would do. This is hard as you may not have direct control over what others do.

Since engaging with Xuviate, I've dramatically improved my standing in the business and it only took three things: 
  1) Wanting to be better 
  2) Opening myself up to new ideas 
  3) Trying, learning and trying again

JASON SICHKARYK, IT Director at Rosenau Transport, Canada

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