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Common Misconceptions About Digital Transformation

Before we can introduce our proven 90 Day DX Coaching service to help you kick-start and/or accelerate digital transformation (DX) in your mid-sized business, it is critical that we first clear up some of the confusion around this over-hyped and terribly misused concept.



Believing Digital Transformation is Not for Every Business

While technically true (as for example some startup businesses are "born digital"), the majority of present-day organisations are nowhere near responsive and adaptive enough to survive the seismic, technology-induced shifts disrupting virtually every industry out there. Product life cycles that used to last for decades in some instances don't even span a year. Technology is both the reason for this upheaval as well as the solution for safely navigating out of it.

Simply put, every growth business should aspire to become a super agile technology business. And the only way to do this is to embark on a digital transformation journey and develop the organisational capacity to leverage digital technologies and capabilities in more and more parts of their business. 

And the best time to start is today, when there might still be time, and the profits are still good.

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Believing that the Next 5 Years Will Be Similar to the Last 5 Years

We have seen so much change over the last 5 years that most of us struggle to accept the notion that the future rate of change will vastly outpace what we have seen to date. Our brains are simply not wired for an exponential world where change happens faster and faster.  We are still looking for competitors in our own industry instead of acknowledging that tiny businesses anywhere could be the giants of tomorrow.

Bottom line: Our current management models are inadequate and we need to think differently to make sense of the world around us.

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Choosing a Fast Follower Strategy in Preparation for Digital Disruption

One of the worst present-day mistakes the senior leadership team of a business can make is to commit to a "fast follower strategy" and then wait for somebody to take the lead before doing anything. While this may have worked well in the past, the dynamics of digital competitors are so fundamentally different that this strategy almost results in an also-ran organisation.

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Believing that Digital Transformation Is Mostly About Technology

Nothing could be further from the truth than this seemingly obvious statement! Of course, every business has to learn how to better leverage technology but the reason most struggle to do just that is not because they don't have enough technology but because their culture, structure and leadership mindsets are woefully inadequate to deal with the realities of a more digital world. In fact, it is quite interesting to know that the first 3 to 12 months of our digital transformation engagements are mostly focused on changing mindsets and introducing more agile ways of working...

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Waiting for the CEO to Lead Digital Transformation from the Top

For many years consulting organisations proclaimed that DX journeys not driven by the CEO ultimately fail. While this may have been true for larger organisations where hierarchy and politics play such a massive role, this is most certainly not true for mid-sized businesses who often fail to get out of the starting blocks as they wait and wait for a senior leader to take the lead. To not loose critical time, somebody else has to step up and the most suitable person in many instances is the senior IT leader in the organisation. This is, by the way, a massive career opportunity for forward-thinking IT leaders.

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Believing that Digital Transformation Has to Be Expensive

Since most of the initial challenges are related to changing how people think and act, getting-started almost never requires any sizeable investment. In fact, an emphasis on execution and short cycle time for initiatives should in many cases create enough momentum and even funding for later, more ambitious and expensive digital transformation initiatives.

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Requiring Detailed Plans to Map Out the Digital Transformation Journey

Closely linked to the previous leadership misconception is our almost compulsive need to plan out everything, sometimes multiple years into the future. What we need to understand is that none of us really has a handle on how our world will change and, since we are initially dealing with inadequate digital mindsets and capabilities of all the people in the business, getting started and doing something and iterating on this is more important than mapping all our moves with our woefully inadequate present knowledge.

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Introducing the Xuviate DX Maturity Model 

With the most common misconceptions about digital transformation in mid-sized businesses out of the way we can go ahead and introduce our incredibly useful maturity model for kick-starting and accelerating DX in any mid-sized business.

Your Cheat Sheet to Start Applying the Model Today

Most present-day mid-sized organisations start out a Stage 0 - Siloed, where the IT function is still very inward-focused.

The ultimate goal of any digital transformation journey is to create a Stage 5 - Adaptive business that can react rapidly and decisively as the situation around it changes. Almost every business wants to be here.

Digital Transformation has to be nurtured from the bottom up through a series of very focused and time-bound initiatives of no more than 90 days each. With each concluded cycle, organisational learning increases and digital transformation initiatives can become even more ambitious.

The IT leader is the most likely person to kick-start the digital transformation and lead the organisation from Stage 0 - Siloed to Stage 3 - Strategic. From Stage 3 onwards the CEO and other strategic leaders play an increasingly important role to allocate funds for more ambitious, risky and farther-reaching DX initiatives.

The most significant obstacle to a successful digital transformation journey is the institutional silo. Every 90-day cycle therefore tries to dismantle this outdated management structure a bit more in favour of ever-more effective cross-functional teamwork.

What Is 90 Day DX Coaching?

If you have carefully read up to here (and even more so if you have studied some of the referenced articles), you now have all of the major building blocks to craft and execute your very own digital transformation program. As long as you keep an open mind, run lots of experiments and are willing to make some mistakes, you should be well on your way.

If you are under pressure to deliver quick results without the luxury of a safety net or are otherwise not yet ready to commit because the outcomes still seem so fuzzy, our 90 Day DX Coaching program may just be the answer you are looking for.

To develop this program we had to dig deep and pull together insights gained over the last 8 years of grappling with the topic of DX in mid-sized businesses. The result is a unique coaching solution that not only supports IT leaders at each stage of the DX journey but also systematically works towards significant and measurable business outcomes in 90-day increments.

Every 90-Day DX Coaching Cycle Follows the Same 5 Basic Steps


Base-Line DX Readiness Across the Business

  • The first step in any 90-day cycle is to look at the big picture and better understand current organisational readiness across what we call the 10 DX Amplifiers.
  • We help you do this by giving you access to our unique DX360 assessment service. Our tool helps you manage every step of the assessment process and, once all DX360 surveys are in, we analyse the results and discuss our insights.
  • Apart from stimulating organisational-wide awareness of the digital imperative, the main benefits of the DX360 is that highlights particular digital strengths and weaknesses across the various teams of the business. Information that is invaluable for having a very productive step 2.


Facilitate a Workshop to Gain Commitment For Solving a Significant Problem

  • The next step is to get the most engaged and critical DX role-players from all over the organisation together for a one day workshop facilitated by Xuviate. For best outcomes, participation is completely voluntary and includes individuals from all levels of the organisation.
  • The objective is to further stimulate the DX discussion and identify one or more major problems that, if solved within 90 days, will really "move the needle" from a business perspective and create significant momentum for DX in the organisation. The team then commits to solving the problem(s) within 90 days or less.
  • The organisational DX Maturity will determine the overarching theme of the workshop. If your business is only starting out the approach might be to introduce concepts and identify one problem to solve. More mature teams might tackle multiple problems, focus on specific business capabilities or even create experiments to test more ambitious options for introducing new products or even changing the business model.


Host Online, Weekly Coaching Sessions for the IT Leader

  • After the workshop the focus shifts to making meaningful progress towards the 90-day objective in short, regular intervals using tools such as Lean, Agile and Kanban. In many cases this requires completely new ways of working and the IT leader becomes the internal cheer leader and facilitator, with Xuviate stepping into the background.
  • To keep the focus on execution, however, we schedule a weekly 2 hour video coaching session for the IT leader and a Xuviate DX Sensei to discuss the particular challenges encountered as well as tactics on how to overcome them.
  • During this intense phase of experimentation and learning you will constantly work outside your comfort zone as our coaches know just where to push to keep the pace high.


Facilitate a Review Session to Analyse Performance and Learn

  • As the 90-day cycle nears its end a final feedback session is scheduled for the team to reflect on the journey to date and understand what worked, what didn't work and what the group wants to improve on going forward.
  • A major focus of the session is to critically evaluate the expected results against the actual results achieved. Understanding what work really "moves the needle" for the business is a critical skills for any team and we are often surprised at how week we really are with this.
  • Even if not all outcomes have been achieved, chances are good that the team has learned a lot and significantly increased momentum for digital transformation across the business. And moving forward on the journey towards a "Stage 5 - Agile Business" is worthy of celebration and the program officially ends with the IT leader thanking everyone for their contributions and doing something special with the team.


Start Again At Step 1 But Be Even More Ambitious This Time

  • Concluding the first 90-day cycle is a major achievement for the business. It should be emphasised, however, that this is but one step in a larger digital transformation journey and the real value only accrues if the business now builds on this success.
  • The big focus on delivering tangible and meaningful business results that move the needle throughout the process should now lead to a general eagerness to start another, even more ambitious 90-day cycle.
  • Also, if all has gone according to script, the first 90-day cycle should have produced such significant business results that it should not be difficult to motivate for additional funds to start this next cycle.

I would strongly recommend the services...

I would strongly recommend the services of Xuviate in order to gain understanding of the need for digital transformation in your business as well as assistance to initiate the changes.

JOHAN PRETORIUS  //  IT Manager at Aerosud

Working With Us Brings Many Benefits

Although you can most certainly decide to lead DX on your own, engaging with Xuviate in a series of 90-Day Coaching Engagements has some significant benefits as our IT leader customers keep telling us.

  • Through our DX Sensei you gain access to a vast pool of knowledge on technology topics and digital transformation in mid-sized businesses.
  • The fixed, weekly coaching sessions create an accountability framework that keeps you pushing for more.
  • Having an outsiders perspective on tap can be invaluable to cut through internal politics and see things as they really are.
  • Naturally we will also keep pushing for more impressive results than even you believed possible. Our most significant result to date was a 2000% ROI on our engagement fee after only 3 months of work!
  • The most significant benefit for many, however, is the personal and professional growth that comes from committing to such a journey with your dedicated DX coach.

To find out more, simply click the button below to tell us a bit more about your specific scenario and one of our DX Sensei (either Mark or Mathias) will get in touch for a quick chat.

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