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Aug 14

Should I Take On the ERP Project?

By Mathias Tölken | Mastermind Digest , Tactical IT Leadership

It is common that especially in a mid-sized company, any project with a technology component does inevitably land in the lap of the IT Leader.

In the case of a new ERP or any other far-reaching, company-wide project this could potentially take up 80% or more of the IT Leader’s time.

But it is still expected that the normal IT function keeps on delivering.

How should one approach this?

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Aug 03

How Does IT Get the Necessary Attention from Other Managers?

By Mathias Tölken | Mastermind Digest , Tactical IT Leadership

IT tends to be a very low priority for other managers in the business.

It feels like everyone expects IT to respond immediately, but when IT expects something in turn everyone is always way too busy.

This happens even when IT communicates clearly, engages 1-1 with other business leaders about their technology needs and of course delivers on all the many expectations others have of the IT function.

How then, does the IT leader get the airtime to move forward with IT's true agenda of generating more business value?

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Aug 02

Getting Started With POPI

By Mathias Tölken | Mastermind Digest , Tactical IT Leadership

For South African based companies, the new Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) is fast becoming a reality.

Consultants are driving this heavily and it seems that non-compliance could result in severe penalties for every transgression.

Your external board may even have requested that this new requirement is to become a priority on your list of governance items. IT along with your internal Audit & Risk department have been tasked to commence with this undertaking.

But how important is this really and how to approach it?

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Jul 12

How to Handle Underperforming IT Staff?

By Alana Sinclair | Mastermind Digest , Tactical IT Leadership

In any management role you do not only have to oversee that everything in your department runs smoothly regarding systems, but you are also responsible for the performance of your staff.

When targets aren't met and this can be attributed to some of your staff, you probably find yourself asking questions like: Why are they under-performing? How do I get enough action from my team? What do I do when individual achievements are not up to par? How do I keep people motivated and encouraged without dictating what needs to be done? Or is it time to part ways?

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Jun 13

7 Steps to a Kick-Ass Service Desk

By Mark Geschke | Tactical IT Leadership

If you are the IT Manager of a mid-sized business, I have a 90% chance of being accurate when I say:

Your IT environment has become so complex and business now expects so much from you that you are feeling completely overworked and can barely keep your head above water.

But it doesn't have to be like this and there are some really simple steps you can take to quickly dig yourself out of this bad situation.

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Oct 21

4 Easy Steps to Project Coordination

By Andre Badenhorst | Operational IT Leadership , Tactical IT Leadership

Can you relate with these words: Overwhelmed, Time-constrained, Firefighting, Out of Control, Overworked, Exhausted, Frustrated, Alone, Intimidated?

Are you constantly confronted with limited resources, dragging projects, thrown into the deep end, being on the receiving end of decisions time and time again?

If so, we have quite something for you here. Much more than you would get out of an advanced course in project management. Much less intimidating with easy and practical quick wins that will certainly help you gain more control to get better throughput on important projects that are of real value to your business.

We'll start with the bigger picture and break it down into practical steps. The infographic that comes along with this article will show you where you are at this stage and what next steps you need to do.

We need to step out of firefighting (reactive mode) to focus on things that really matter, such as preparation, planning, prevention, relationship building and personal development (proactive mode).   
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Sep 29

Top 10 Most Talked About Project Tools for IT Teams

By Anine Burger | Operational IT Leadership , Tactical IT Leadership

So you have probably seen some (if not all) of the blog articles we have been writing within our project management series. At the time of publishing this article, we have progressed from mindset change via project identification to project coordination and although this blog article does not form part of the sequence, it is still very much related. 

In the main series we are using Excel templates to illustrate principles and provide you with usable sample tools, but you know there has to be a better alternative!

And there is!

But for this I need to stretch your imagination.  Are you ready?

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