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Apr 05

3 Reasons Why SMEs Should Hire a Business Technology Advisor

By Mark Geschke | Other

Xuviate has been very privileged to be part of not one, but two separate startup accelerator programs over the past two years.

Business advice from the likes of Andrea Böhmert (Knife Capital), Keith Jones (sw7), Riaan Pietersen (Blue Oceans Consulting), Mike Joubert (The Billybo Group), Richard Dewing (Cibecs), Waldo Steyn (ENS Africa) and Marc Ashton (Moneyweb) has been invaluable to us for successfully navigating our business through the last 18 months.

And that got me thinking.

If Startups benefit this much from getting external advice, how much could established small and medium businesses gain from engaging with strategic, external advisors who can assist with complex business technology questions?

When one stops to think about this, the answer is "actually quite a lot" and it is quite surprising that we don't (yet) see more businesses turning to such advisors.

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Why Xuviate Landscape
Oct 26

Why Xuviate?

By Mark Geschke | Other

Over the last few months many people have asked me “Why Xuviate?”

The question looks straight-forward and begs for a simple answer.

Trying to find an answer, however, shows that we are actually talking about three completely distinct questions:

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