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"I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in" - Roger Clemens

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Why You Should Bolster Your Agile Mindset

Becoming more agile has turned into a business survival skill.

Implementing the tools, however, is not as important as establishing a supporting mindset across the team. 

Unfortunately, changing how people think is so difficult that many leaders neglect to spend sufficient time on this and are left wondering why their team under-performs.

A solution we found to work very well is to expose yourself and your team to one important insight up to once daily.

Almost anybody can find time to watch a thought-provoking 3-minute video.

Even if not immediately applicable, the effects of this ritual are cumulative and the team starts to experiment with new ways of working.

What Can You Expect?

Consider the following 5 episodes from our archive and imagine how conversations would be if your team had watched all 50 episodes produced to date?

Ep 1 - Why Multitasking is Not Worth It

We know that multitasking is bad for us.

But why exactly is this so? 

Mathias uses a simple visualisation to powerfully demonstrate the effect multitasking has on the delivery of all projects.

Ep 5 - Why Big Change Initiatives are Bad For Your Company

You know the drill. You decide on some far-away goal, identify where you are currently and then implement a big change initiative to close the gap.

All well, you might think. Except, of course, that this approach usually creates a lot of resistance and is ineffective at delivering the desired outcomes...

Watch Mathias explain why this is so and what you can do about it.

Ep 13 - Feeling Paralysed By What Concerns You?

Stephen Covey in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People introduces the Circles of Control, Influence and Concern.

For many of us there are too many items in our Circle of Concern and they can have a paralysing effect on us.

In this Business Agility Daily Mathias shares some strategies on how to reduce the number of things you have to be concerned about so that you have more time for what really matters.

Ep 30 - Why Use Kanban to Drive Business Agility?

At Xuviate we believe that Kanban is the perfect companion tool to help any organisation on its business agility journey.

In this episode, Mathias explains why we feel so strongly about this:

  • He starts by emphasising that Kanban is much more than just a visualisation tool,
  • then he uses the Kanban Maturity Model to highlight how business agility increases with each higher maturity level
  • and finally he shows how the Kanban change management principles support a business's evolution.

Ep 45 - How to Make Sure Your Remote Team is Working

One of the top questions we hear from leaders these days is how to manage staff remotely and keep everyone productive?

A really important question for which the default answer seems to be to search for ways to enforce control and replicate office-based rules.

Unfortunately this is one of the worst things you can do!

In this episode, Mathias challenges this thinking and proposes an alternative, much more constructive way to approach the challenge.

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