Apr 07

15 Essential Business Technology Management Competencies Every IT Leader Has to Master

By Mark Geschke | Operational IT Leadership , Relevant IT

Almost every SME IT leader I know wants to learn how to better provide business value through IT .... and there is plenty of advice going around. The problem is that there is so much information that it has become very difficult to know what is applicable and what should be focused on when.

Fortunately, we have worked on this since 2010 and accumulated quite a lot of knowledge on the way.

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Xuviate A Mid-sized business needs at least 4 strategic IT leaders
Dec 15

A Mid-Sized Business Needs at Least 4 Strategic IT Leaders

By Mark Geschke | Digital Transformation , Operational IT Leadership , Relevant IT , Strategic IT Leadership

If you are working in a mid-sized organization with between 50 and a 1000 IT users, chances are you will be surprised by this bold statement. It sounds wasteful, impractical and outright utopian.

If you have this strong reaction, then all I can say is “good, you are at least curious and willing to find out more”! It has taken us five years to come to this conclusion and I cannot wait to share our reasoning in this article.

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Why Xuviate Landscape
Oct 26

Why Xuviate?

By Mark Geschke | Other

Over the last few months many people have asked me “Why Xuviate?”

The question looks straight-forward and begs for a simple answer.

Trying to find an answer, however, shows that we are actually talking about three completely distinct questions:

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