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More than 20 years of experience in Information Technology with a primary focus on designing and developing software solutions on all application tiers. Also, solid theoretical background in curriculum studies and hobby thinker on new education.

Oct 21

4 Easy Steps to Project Coordination

By Andre Badenhorst | Operational IT Leadership , Tactical IT Leadership

Can you relate with these words: Overwhelmed, Time-constrained, Firefighting, Out of Control, Overworked, Exhausted, Frustrated, Alone, Intimidated?

Are you constantly confronted with limited resources, dragging projects, thrown into the deep end, being on the receiving end of decisions time and time again?

If so, we have quite something for you here. Much more than you would get out of an advanced course in project management. Much less intimidating with easy and practical quick wins that will certainly help you gain more control to get better throughput on important projects that are of real value to your business.

We'll start with the bigger picture and break it down into practical steps. The infographic that comes along with this article will show you where you are at this stage and what next steps you need to do.

We need to step out of firefighting (reactive mode) to focus on things that really matter, such as preparation, planning, prevention, relationship building and personal development (proactive mode).   
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Oct 16

7 Steps to Balance the Business Technology Project Portfolio

By Andre Badenhorst | Operational IT Leadership

There is growing unease amongst the team members. Some of them are not happy at all. The task at hand is becoming highly complex. There's disagreement and over time some projects never get the attention it deserves. Others are held back by resources not being used optimally.

This causes most IT Managers to feel that they have hit the limit with their project coordination attempts.

Our goal here is to continue building on concepts that will help you take your IT management capacity even to a higher level.

Whilst addressing this goal, we'll be introducing a methodology to show you how to balance capacity through effective resource management.

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Sep 23

Coordinate Business Technology Projects Across the Organisation

By Andre Badenhorst | Operational IT Leadership

This is the third article in the series 4 Easy Steps to Project Coordination. If you have not already read through the previous articles, we strongly recommend you to do so.

A couple of months ago you took bold initiative; and boy, did it pay off! You got everybody excited by a complete overview of all your Business Technology projects.

For the first time ever they have started to realise the actual workload of your team. This bought you quite a bit of goodwill from people previously hitting you with unreasonable requests. The result was a lot more focus within your team.

This euphoria has now faded, the low hanging fruit have been plucked and eaten, your team still multitasks between many tasks and projects seem to drag on forever and you are again being pulled from pillar to post.

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Sep 07

How to take your IT Management Capacity to the Next Level

By Andre Badenhorst | Operational IT Leadership , Tactical IT Leadership

You are running. You are all over the show.

Your skeleton staff is seriously time constrained, constantly firefighting concurrent operational and user issues. Not to mention the overrunning of sticky projects. And if that is not enough, management demands answers in constant meetings that only keep you further away from the tasks at hand. You catch yourself doing those technical jobs escalated by incompetency.

Compare this to Paul. The one with the humongous salary who radiates the confidence of “all-the-time-in-the-world”. Everything was still okay until you ask him what he’s doing for a life. His effortless answer: “IT Manager”.

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