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Jun 23

Strategic Sourcing – an Essential BTM Competency

By Mathias Tölken | Operational IT Leadership , Relevant IT

Good service provider selection not only frees up expensive internal resources or complements non-existent internal skills, but can also significantly contribute towards achieving business goals. This is especially true for small and medium businesses that do not have sufficient funds to appoint people in all the required roles.

But how to approach this topic and how to decide when to insource and when to outsource? And are we not sometimes able to just buy the cheapest option versus developing and investing in a strategic partnership?

Strategic Sourcing is the fourth of 15 BTM Competencies Every IT Leader has to Master, but it keeps popping up as a topic in our Mastermind Groups and thus I feel that it warrants a blog article of its own.

In this article I will introduce the concept of linking outsourcing to your business strategy and assist with identifying some initial leverage opportunities in your business.

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Jun 10

Digital Transformation for Dummies

By Mark Geschke | Digital Transformation , Operational IT Leadership , Strategic IT Leadership

Not a day goes by that leaders of mid-sized businesses are not bombarded in one way or another by the increasingly urgent need to embark on a digital transformation.

But sometimes it seems there are as many approaches to digital transformation as there are IT consulting organisations on the planet.

The confusion this creates makes it incredibly hard for leaders to agree on a course of action for their organisation and to move forward with confidence.

My goal with this article is to not only clarify what digital transformation is, but to also outline the 3 essential steps for becoming a digital company.

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Jun 02

7 Essential Attributes of a Successful Mastermind Group

By Mathias Tölken | Mastermind Group , Operational IT Leadership

(article updated 25/01/2017)

I have previously answered the question, What is a Mastermind Group? and shared my excitement in the 27 Life-Changing Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group.

But is this all hot air?  And what makes a Mastermind Group actually succeed?

The good news is that it has been proven time and again that the benefits can be replicated... if some rules are observed.

The popularity of Mastermind groups over the past especially 20-odd years has led to quite a few best practices and standard structures emerging, both for the agenda of a Mastermind session as well as the roles and rules needed to run a group successfully. 

Make sure that you do your homework and confirm that the Mastermind Group you plan to join is run accordingly to maximise your outcomes!

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