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May 19

27 Life-Changing Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group

By Mathias Tölken | Mastermind Group , Operational IT Leadership

Putting several minds together to discuss a problem often yields solutions that far outweigh what any one could have come up with on their own. This is the proverbial “one plus one is greater than two” effect and one of the major reasons why people decide to join a Mastermind group.

But did you know that this is but one in a very long list of possible benefits bestowed on participants who join a well-run Mastermind group?

In fact, we have uncovered a whopping 27 life-changing benefits that could be yours if you decide to join a Mastermind group.

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May 15

Career Development Options for IT Managers in South Africa

By Mathias Tölken | Operational IT Leadership

Up to here it was easy… the professional development options and career paths for a technical IT person are well mapped out by many of the vendors and training institutions. You have excelled in this, have been noticed and have been promoted to IT Manager.  But now it becomes murkier, especially if you work for a small or mid-sized organisation where you likely are the only IT leader around and have a small team reporting to you. You are still expected to crawl under the desk and plug in the cables where needed, but on the other hand everyone now also expects you to provide strategic input, lead the IT team and generally produce more business value from the use of IT. You are in constant firefighting mode and are being pulled from all sides. And if you want to talk about strategy, you find that you rarely have access to higher-level management.

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May 13

What Is a Mastermind Group?

By Mathias Tölken | Mastermind Group , Operational IT Leadership

Picture credit: flickr

Imagine you had your own personal advisory team on call... Imagine you were part of a group of people that are in the same position and just "get you" when you discuss your challenges and celebrate with you when you share your successes... A group where each member wants you to excel... Together you brainstorm and your shared ideas are much more than any of you could have come up with individually... But this group also holds you accountable for delivering on your commitments and helps you stay on course to reach your goals.

This is what a Mastermind group is about and if you are lucky enough to be invited to one you will most likely see a marked change in yourself, your career and your company's success.

But what is such a group exactly and how does it work?

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